Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 14: "Crying Wolf"

I'm still getting over the twists and turns of this episode. But, I am here for you guys to recap on this week's episode!

We start off with Elena waking up from her awesome sleepover with Caroline and Bonnie. She tells Stefan that they should get away from the all the chaos. He agrees and they get ready to leave for the Gilbert's cabin. When they reach the cabin, Elena remembers that the last time she was there, she was with her parents. She assures Stefan she's OK and they head inside, even though they have no idea that Brady and Tyler have followed them.
Tyler learns the sun and moon curse. If you don't know, it was a curse on vampires and werewolves. Vampires have to walk in the night and werewolves will always change during a full moon. If the vampires have the moonstone, they can fix the curse on them, but the werewolves will still change during full moons. If the werewolves recieve the moonstone, then the vampires are forced to be nightwalkers and the werewolves can change at will, which also means they don't have to change at all.
Jenna is starting to worry that Alaric isn't being honest. Damon attends a tea where the guest of honor is Elijah. Damon tries to speak with him, but doesn't get any answers. He gets himself stabbed in the neck along the way as well.

At the Mystic Grill, Bonnie drugs Luka and takes him to a Circle. She goes to drastic measures and magic to recieve answers from him. Luka reveals that Elena made a deal with Elijah to make sure that her loved ones were safe...not her.

Damon is tortured by Jules and a few of her werewolf buddies. Elijah essentially saves him (killing all of the werewolves) and notes that that is the third time he has saved him. They realize Jules has ran for her life, but don't really care. At the Gilbert's cabin, Brady tries to attack Elena, but is killed by Stefan. Stefan reveals the reason why Brady needs Elena to Tyler and Tyler apologizes to Elena that he didn't know they were going to kill her.
Here's my favorite part....BONNIE AND JEREMY KISS! Bonnie finally reveals her feelings to Jeremy and they kissed! My heart sang more than Bonnie's! Finally, these two can start the relationship thing because I am waiting for it!

Tyler goes to Matt and tells him nothing is going on and that Caroline loves him. He leaves Mystic Falls with Jules, who is single now.

Tell me what you thought of this week's episode!

Peace and Fangs,


  1. I really need to watch this series. I always forget about it though since I am usually reading! LOL

  2. For the next episode Stefan wasn't always the good guy. He used to rip people apart just for the hell of it. He was just as badass as Damon maybe even worser than Damon. I can't wait for the next episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 15 extends some flashback friendly episode, taking us back to Stefan’s darker day.


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