Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 6: "Plan B"

Okay, so this took me awhile to work up to say because I can't believe I did this. So, I kinda....missed this week's episode. I know, I know...I'm a horrible VD fan. It wasn't any better that the reason why I missed the episode was because I was watching Fast Food Nation! But, I grabbed the recap over at HitFix for you all to read. I didn't want you guys to be bored and I wanted to make up for what I did, so I put out some bullet points from the recap to catch you guys (and me) up for next week!
  • The beginning starts with Elena and Stefan doing the morning after ritual while Katherine and Mason do the same. (That relationship still gets under my skin)
  • Jeremy offers Damon some help to get rid of Katherine
  • Again with another event (really, Mystic Falls?!), the masquerade is being prepared at the Lockwoods'
  • Stefan and Damon ask Bonnie to capture Mason
  • Caroline talks to her mom but compels her and makes her forget what Caroline really is
  • Damon kills Mason when he says that Katherine loves him
  • Stefan finds the moonstone in a well but passes out because of the fact it is filled with vervain, Elena ends up retrieving the stone
  • Jenna is found to be working for Katherine and stabs herself when Katherine is talking to Elena over the phone (creepy!)
  • Elena breaks up with Stefan
  • Matt is told by Katherine to deal with Tyler but Tyler soon kills him (NOOOO!)
I guess it's werewolf time for Tyler, Stefan and Elena are really over, Mason's dead, and there will be a lot of sh*t going down for next week's episode at the masquerade! Can't wait! Tell me what you think of this week's episode and what you can't wait for in next week's!

Peace and Fangs,

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