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Vampire Diaries: Season 1, Episode 14 "Fool Me Once"

After waiting a long week for Thursday to come. My mouth is still hanging open with the new episode date. March 25th? Really, CW? But, after long gasping and widening eyes, I have finally calmed down to give you guys a recap.

As you know, last week's episode ended with Stefan walking into Elena's bedroom with the window curtains blowing and Elena no where to be found.

The Beginning
Elena wakes up in a hotel room with the hot but meanie Ben. She tries to escape but once she gets the doorknob lock unlocked he is behind her. He tries to compel her to step away from the door but Elena is wearing vervain. She tricks him for a minute and once she gets the door open, Anna is infront of the door. Elena steps back from Anna and after Anna's verbal hits to Ben, he throws Elena into the hotel bathroom. Elena sees Boonie in the bathtub and wakes her up with cold water. Once she is awake, Elena tells her that Ben only wanted her to open the tomb but she counters back by saying she will not go out like a punk. Ben comes into the bathroom and tells Bonnie that it's leverage to see Elena there to get her to open the tomb...oh, and that she shouldn't be so desperate. Jerk. Ben tells Elena that Anna wants to see her, Anna tells her that she wants to make a deal with Damon and Stefan to help work together to get the tomb open, or she will kill Elena.
Meanwhile, Stefan tells Damon that Elena's gone. After a slow convo, Damon sayd he jopes Elena will die. I don't believe it one bit Damon!
Jeremey overhears Tyler and Matt talk about a party a guy named Duke is throwing. When Jeremy opens his mouth, Tyler tells him to butt out. Caroline enters the Grill and gives a speech (she does that a lot in this episode, which ticks me off) to Matt about an "escape clause" because she doesn't want to get hurt by him, he declines it.
Then Damon is being such a big jerk when he goes to Gram's and asks to speak with Bonnie. When she declines, he gets arrogant and tells her to step outside and say that. She gets her mojo on and makes him drop to his knees in agony, she then steps out and tells him off before closing the door. You go, Grams!

Anna's New Plan
Anna reveals to Elena that her mother, Pearl, is stuck in the tomb as well. She then calls Stefan on Elena's phone where she makes demands to meet in the town's square to talk business. At the Salvatores, Damon taunts Stefan by claiming he doesn't care. Back at the hotel room, Anna leaves and tells Ben to watch his charges this time. Ben, being an idiot, underestimates the girls again. Bonnie tries another escape attempt that involves water, which she douses Ben with and sets him on fire. The girls make a run for it, but Ben recovers fast enough to grab Elena, forcing Bonnie back into the hotel room. While walking to the rendezvous point, Anna runs into Jeremy who reveals that he wants to take her to the party. This throws Anna off, but the party location which changes her mind. Right near the entrance of the tomb beside Old Fell's Church. After Jeremy leaves, Damon shows up beside Anna and the two talk business. Anna claims that she will kill Elena if she doesn't get what she wants. She tells Damon the time and the place of for the opening and leaves. At the hotel, Ben runs his mouth some more when Stefan bursts in and saves the girls. Ben cowers from the sunlight before Stefan, who tells the fresh fledgling that he better hit the road or its curtains for his short life as a vampire.The trio heads to Grams, who bonds with her granddaughter before they make plans. Stefan wants Grams and Bonnie to stay home, but Grams says forget that, she wants in on the action. Elena feels that they should help Damon to help stop the madness. Grams chimes in that she will open the tomb, but they will have to burn the place after Damon gets Katherine out. Stefan doesn't think Damon will fall for the ruse again, but Elena says that Damon is only hurt and that she has a plan. Meanwhile, Anna returns to find Ben, idiot, with Elena and Bonnie gone and comes up with another plan. Elena finds Damon and tries to reason with him on the level of protection for those they love. Damon declares a "fool me once" motif, which Elena claims that the two of them have an understanding, especially after their trip to Atlanta where Damon didn't compel her. She promises that she will help him get Katherine back, but Damon doesn't believe her. Elena then takes off her vervain necklace to prove her promise. Damon sees this and accepts her plan, revealing that he didn't compel her because she was having fun and that he wanted that to be real. Am I sensing supressed love? I think I am!

Partying It UpAs Elena and Damon show up at the party, Matt and Caroline approach them and Caroline makes it a point to grab Matt's hand, which startles Matt and shocks Elena. After Damon rudely talks down to the new lovebirds, he drags Elena off, with Matt ready to pounce. At the tomb, Stefan and the Bennett women wait for Elena and Damon. Stefan reveals his makeshift flamethrower, while Damon and Elena arrive. At the party, Tyler tries to score weed off of Jeremy, who calls Tyler out for his hypocrisy. Tyler doesn't have time for Jeremy's mouth and berates him for being friendless. This is the perfect opportunity for Anna to show up, who promptly takes him for a walk into the woods. When they get to a secluded place, Anna works on Jeremy, who wants Anna to be his girl. She drops the bomb that she and her mom are leaving town. Jeremy leans in for a goodbye kiss, which forces Anna to vamp out. Jeremy spots it this time, but before he can react, Ben knocks him out from behind. Anna tells Ben to pick Jeremy up for her mother. Tyler finds Matt, who is moping about going public with Caroline. Caroline shows up and gives another speech. Starting to really tick me off about these speeches, Caroline! The act wasn't to show off to Elena, but to show Damon (who we all know could care less) that she was with a good guy for once. Matt is relieved as is Caroline. So, togehter or not??? YOu keep messing with my head, Caroline and Matt. Pick already! At the entrance of the tomb, the group gets ready to do the deed. Damon reveals a pack of blood he swiped for Katherine. The Bennett women start to work their magic and the door opens to everyone's astonishment sans Grams. Damon asks Stefan for fire, which Stefan runs to retrieve. Damon, seeing an opportunity, then tells Elena to come with him as leverage that the Bennett women won't lock him in with the rest of the vamps. Elena reluctantly goes in while Grams and Bonnie watch in powerless horror.

Let The Games Begin!
Stefan meets Ben and Anna outside who have Jeremy as a hostage. Anna says that either Stefan can stop her or Ben from killing Jeremy. Stefan lets Anna pass. When Anna reaches the tomb, Bonnie tries to stop her from going in, but Grams holds her back. While Anna disappears inside the darkness of hellish tomb, Bonnie asks Grams why the hell she let her go through. Grams replies that Anna, nor Damon, are coming back out. Excuse me, Grams, please repeat that for me! My hot but careless Damon isn't coming out! No way! Stefan talks to Ben about the fresh vamp's stupidity. Then when Ben tries Stefan, he flames his butt with the blowtorch. Thank you! While inside the tomb, Damon leaves Elena to fend for herself. Really, Damon? Way to care! There are a lot of half dead vamps there and they are too weak to move, but I would still be one scared S.O.B. While Elena fumbles in the dark, she bumps into Anna.

I Can't Believe It Hurt This...Bad
Stefan comes back down the tomb and runs for the door after finding out Damon took Elena with him. Grams stops him and reveals the true power of the seal spell, which means that vamps can enter, but they can't get out. Stefan deduces that only Elena can get out, which Grams says is all that matters. Well, I know Damon's mean, Grams, but the dude's hot! Let him out! Anna spots Pearl and attacks Elena, because she made a promise that it would be Gilbert blood that would wake her mother. Stefan hears Elena's scream and runs into the tomb! Grams says good riddance, but Bonnie says otherwise and wants to do the spell to drop the seal. Grams declares that they aren't strong enough, but Bonnie says that many things can fuel a witches power and that if Grams doesn't help her then she will do it herself. Stefan comes and rescues Elena, sending her to the opening. Elena finds out once she gets to the opening that the stakes have been raised. Bonnie and Grams say that if they can open the seal it won't stay open for long. Stefan goes to retrieve his brother. But Damon has made a grisly discovery. Katherine is Not. In. The. Tomb!!! In a fit of rage, he throws the blood pack against the wall where it shatters and blood goes everywhere. Poor Damon, his heart is broken...again! While the Bennett women hold the seal open, Anna and Pearl escape. Anna calls a truce to Elena and walks her mother out the tomb. Elena runs back in for the Salvatore brothers. While Damon is being unreasonable, Elena comes in and pleads for Damon to snap out of it and get out of there. They make it out, but the spell drains Bonnie and Grams. We are suddenly back to the Caroline and Matt bit (give me tomb, I don't care about human love right now!), which involves Matt asking Caroline if she is being real by being honest and stuff I could careless about right now. Caroline says that she is just protecting her feelings and doesn't want to mess anything up. Matt concurs that he feels the same way. They kiss and make up. For now. What the crap! We could of waited towards the end for this or earlier when we actually cared! Elena and Stefan tend to Jeremy, but Elena sees how hurt Damon is and she gives him a hug, saying that she's sorry. Damon, love Elena already! Gosh!

Back at the Bennetts, Gram stumbles, which worries Bonnie. But Grams says she's fine. Not good. Elena talks to Jeremy at home to see if he remembered anything, which he says he doesn't. Elena leaves him for Bonnie's, but it turns out that Jeremy did remember everything since he immediately starts his search for vampires on the Internet. Why can't the boy let it go? Anna brings Pearl back to the hotel room where Damon waits, pissed. He immediately lights into Anna for knowing the entire time that Katherine wasn't in the tomb and grabs Pearl by the neck, asking her why does she get happiness in the end and he doesn't. But Pearl reveals that Katherine, a woman we all hate now, had all of the men in town under her spell. One of those men was a guard, who wanted Katherine to turn him in order for her escape. He let her go. Say what! Then to drive the stake home, Anna adds that the last time she saw Katherine was in Chicago in 1983 and that Katherine knew Damon's whereabouts the entire time. She just didn't care to call him up for a run on the town. Katherine really sucks right now. After this revelation, Damon can't do anything, but walk out the hotel room in stunned shock. It'll be okay, Damon! Elena calls Stefan to say she made it to Bonnie's okay, but she asks if Damon is okay. Stefan says he will call her back as he goes and sits with his brother in silence. Brotherly moment! Good job, Stef!
Did you really think this is the ending?! Well, it's not!
Bonnie enters Grams' room to say goodnight and to tuck her in, but she finds Grams is not breathing!!!!! She screams (and me along with my other Vampire Diaries fan friends gasp!) and Elena comes running, but there is nothing she can do but call the medics. Bonnie, sobbing profusely, screams for Grams to wake up while looking through the spell book to "fix this". (While we sit and tell ourselves we won't cry!) But we all know it's too late. Grams, we love you, girl!
Oh and the last scene of this chapter involves the vampires in the tomb awakening to the busted blood pack and opening the tomb, which is no longer sealed. And their hungry…

Um, awesome! This week's episode was awesome! Even though I had to turn back and forth between this and the first episode of Survivor. Go Heroes! Sadly, we have to wait to see a new episode of VD and see if Damon and Elena get their mack on! Dang!
So, tell me what you thought and your reactions. Also, tell me what you expect on March 25th's episode!

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  1. who turned damon and stefan then? katherine?
    i don't remember seeing it in any of the episodes.


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