Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tales of an Urban Werewolf: Leader of the Pack, Book 3--Chapters 6-19

After reading the first few chapters, I decided to read a tad more so I can post again with a better chunk of the book done. A tad of the book for me was pages 47-166. So, here it goes. After reading about Sophie talking with her dad in the "garden cottage", the sixth chapter has Elena being the person who makes her way in to the cottage and kick Mark, Sophie, and Tom out. Sophie wants to talk with Wolfgang to see if there's anyway of getting her dad off deathrow. Obviously, that isn't the case seeing how it was talked about way too early. She leaves the Howl angry because of her father's attitude and Wolfgang's rejection. She decides to go undercover to see if there might have been another suspect that could have killed Charles. She dyes her hair black with temporary dye and becomes a Swedish werewolf from Minnesota named Inga. Sophie and Tom are supposedly together at the Howl because Tom seems to always be with women during the Howl, which opens up curiosity for Sophie. Once they arrive from the Howl, Sophie tries to scope out Charles' widowed lover, Kayla. Tom introduces Sophie to Kayla and leaves them to talk. Sophie tries to act innocent as though she does not know that Kayla's Charles was murdered and scoop out information. Sophie does slip up with her "life" but gets out of it without any questioning from anyone. After talking with a guy named Anthony and Kayla, she still comes up with the same conclusion: her father's guilty. Tom and her brief information with one another while going to the "changing tents", where werewolves transform and get ready for the hunt. When Sophie trnasforms, because of the hair dye, she comes out with a big tuft of black hair on the top of her head. Soon the hunt starts and Sophie does a little hunting before coming upon the "cottage" and transform to talk to her father. The door is locked with no guards around, so she climbs through a window to get into the "cottage". Her father is still tied up and still jokes about Sophie's appearance. After jokes, Sophie and Luc talk about why he had a scratch on his face when he entered the restaurant the other night. Luc counters back, by telling the truth, saying that he ran into Charles completely by coincidence and Charles got a good hit on him. He says he surely wouldn't let a blow like that go without respond, once Sophie asks, he says that he gave Charles a couple blows before moving on. Sophie and hium go through the night and Luc mentions that Charles smelled like he just...well, you understand. Sophie gets the idea of a jealous lover for the murderer. After Luc tries to persuade Sophie to take over the Houston pack and why he abandoned Sophie and her mother, Sophie slips out of the window. She hurries to transform and runs across a deer, she attacks along with two other werewolves, Elena and Wolfgang. The two of them walk away with their noses in the air. Tom is surely disappointed and brings Sophie back home. He tells her he will try and fix it tomorrow and call ehr if anything happens. The next day at her office, she runs into Georges, a very close friend to Luc. She doesn't tell him what's going on but gives him a very vague reason as to why he is at the Howl, she promises to meet him later and talk. That night, Sophie has a date with Mark at the same place where Luc and her had dinner before. She doesn't like it but endures it for Mark's sake. Soon Tom calls with news, they both agree to meet back at her apartment in an hour. Mark and her head to her apartment where they are alone for a few minutes before Tom gets to the door. His leg is torn up with gravel stick into it. His clothes are ripped every which way from his motorcycle getting into a said "oil slick". He asks to go to the bathroom to clean himself off and for pills and scotch. While Sophie tends to him, Mark stands idly by, not even caring. Once Sophie and Mark are alone, Mark does some sort of magic and tells her to call him, Ash, after she asked if they could be romantic another time. They speak the full name, Ashmodei, and kiss passionately before Mark leaves Sophie by saying "I will accede your request but remember that you belong to me." It would have been romantic if it wasn't for Sophie's ring heating up and the small blue flame in his eyes. (He's getting a little creepy to me.) When Tom emerges from the bathroom, Sophie and him have a discussion about his past life. He mentions of an old lover, Beate, from Norway that ended up with his brother and how he stepped down from becoming Aplha because one) he didn't want the title and 2) because he did not want to kill his brother. He also mentions that his grudge with the Garous is that Sophie's uncle had killed his sister a long time ago. After a few intense gazes and a hint of interest in Sophie, Tom leaves to go home after giving Sophie the werewolf code intitled Codex Werwolfarius. Sophie is left with only a couple days instead of a week to help get her father out of his sentence. The next day, while Lindsey and Sophie talk about the book and the trial, Heath (Sophie's ex) barges into her office. He demands an explanation of the trial and how he is concerned about her. When Heath sees the book laying in Lindsey's lap, he snatches it and flips through it. After a few uneasy questions, Sophie comes out and tells Heath that her father's a werewolf. He puts two and two together and sees that Sophie is a werewolf too. Sophie gives the lowdown on what's happening and Heath and Lindsey ask to have a copy of the Code. When Sophie agrees to get the copies, Heath tells her that after the trial, he helps them with because he is an attorney, he tells her they will defintely talk about this new discovery. The chapter leaves off with Sophie closing the door on Heath and Lindsey.

Love the book so far, which it didn't move so fast with all this information, but a great read so far. I'll read more and keep you all updated.
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