Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tales of an Urban Werewolf: Book 3, Leader of the Pack--Chapters 20-43

I took this weekend to read the rest of this book and was extremely excited and hopeful for a fourth book in the series!

After telling Heath that she was a werewolf, Sophie left her office to meet up with Tom to go to the Howl to see what the verdic of her father, Luc Garou, would be. Tom comes over to pick her up and even though Sophie is self-concious, Tom says she looks amazing! Hidden desire, I can smell it! When Sophie has to go to the bathroom at the Howl, she retreats to a house that looks like a barn and walks into the bathroom where she starts hearing Boris and Dudley, Elena's henchmen, talk about Luc being framed. WHen Elena enters her house, she cataches Sophie on the toilet and quickly closes the door. Sophie, pretending to be a Swedish werewolf named Inga from Minnesota, says she wasn't listening and just needed to go to the bathroom when Elena questions her. Sophie is almost caught because she did not take a pill that hides her scent but Tom quickly saves her and takes her into the trees so they can talk in private. While Sophie tells Tom of what she heard, a thick tree branch cracks and almost smashes them. Once the meeting begins, matings and alpha positions, Elena's mostly, are presented and after is pack alliances. Before they convict three werewolves how have been murdering humans of being guilty and bring out Luc. Jean-Louis, the alpha for the Louisiana pack, tells Wolfgang that he will not ally with them until they kill Luc. Once Tom and Sophie leave the Howl to go to Georges', a friend who could help Luc, hotel room. When Sophie goes to his room, with Tom in the lobby, Sophie is attacked by two werewolves who smell like pleather. It is Boris and Dudley. She turns into a wolf and starts to fight back, Tom turns into one too and helps Sophie. When Tom and Sophie knock the "pleather boys" out, they take them into Georges' hotel bathroom and find Georges is dead. After handling the hotel staff, flirting, and waking up one of the pleather boys, Boris tells Sophie and Tom that Elena would take over the Houston pack once she was co-alpha with the help of the Louisiana pack. She would have Wolfgang "taken care of" and have Grenier, the man who Luc was accused of killing, as her co-alpha. After telling Boris to take care of cleaning up and to take the stand for Luc, Tom and Sophie leave to go to her mom's spell shop, Sit A Spell. Tom and Sophie talk alone and Tom tells her that he felt something when they first met in her mother's shop. He countersback with his comment by saying it doesn't matter because he is with Lindsey and she is with Mark. While Sophie waits for Mark to come see her so they can try to bust out her dad, she trys looking up Ashmodei in one of her mother's books. She comes up with nothing until her mom looks up a different form of the word and reads the description. Ashmodei is the demon of lust, Sophie puts two and two together and fins out that Mark is a demon. Sophie's mom gives her a bag of salt to help fend off Mark is he tries and attack her. Once she meets Mark, they get their mack on and Sophie finally asks Mark why he is so protective of her and what he is. When she questions him about why he's jealous of Tom and not Heath, he tells her that he had another demon, Lillith, distract Heath as a woman named Miranda. Once they get to the garden cottage, Mark tells Sophie that she has to chose if she doesn't want her father broken out or if she does, she will have to become Mark's follower and only submit to him. She declines and fends him off with the bag of salt. When Sophie tries to break her father out, he tells her to leave him before they kill her to, she reluctantly leaves and goes back to her mother's shop. At the office the next day, Heath asks Sophie if there is any way he can go to the Howl to defend her father. She mentions that the only way is if he's a werewolf. Lindsey comes up with an idea to let Sophie turn him into a werewolf and if he likes it he can stay as one and if he doesn't Tom can turn him back into a human. Sophie sadly agrees and has her blood drawn and puts it into Heath. He is turned into a werewolf and lindsey looks at the extra syringes sadly. Sophie waves her off and tells her she can, Lindsey quickly turns herself into a werewolf as well. Sophie tells Heath about Miranda being a demon and he says that he broke up with her anyways. At the trial, Tom steps up to the stand where Meath is Luc's lawyer. Tom tells everything Boris had said to him and Sophie because Boris was nowhere to be found at the trial. Once Tom is done, he threatens Wolfgang that if he doesn't leave Luc off, he will feel the wrath of the gods. After the threat, Luc challenges Wolfgang to a fight that if he wins, he is innocent. As the two of them fight (in wolf form), Sophie sees Mark in the bushes. Tom tells Mark to go away and Sophie declines again Mark's offer. Luc wins the fight and kills Wolfgang by ripping out his throat. Once Luc says that Sophie will become alpha of the Houston pack because he is already the alpha of the Paris pack, Elena attacks Sophie. Sophie struggles but quickly rips out her throat out as well. When Sophie wakes up in her old teenage bed at her mom's shop, Tom kisses her before leaving and learns that Lindsey and Heath are together, and still werewolves. Am I the only one that saw that coming? When her mother comes in, she wants to try to get Mark's ring off but quickly discovers that it isn't there anymore. They all go back to where the Howl was at and try to look for Mark's ring. They come up with nothing and Tom and Sophie walk back to their car where Sophie quickly asks Tom if he could be her co-alpha. He says it is a definite maybe. Sophie has quit her job to become the alpha. The book leaves off with Sophie waking up in Tom's arms and goes to the bathroom because she feels a presence. She finds Mark's ring on the counter and wants to flush it but reluctantly folds it up into a washcloth and puts it away and heads back to bed...and Tom.

I've checked out the author's website and saw that all the information is not updated, so I don't know if there will be a fourth book in the series but hopefully some news will come up!

I give this book four nail polishes with the twist and turns and the all out cliffhanger at the end!

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