Friday, February 5, 2010

Vampire Diaries: Season 1, Episode 13 "Children of the Damned"

This week's episode was very awesome and very...helpful?
The beginning started off with our lovely Elena (love her now!) and Stefan waking up in bed together. (Did something happen??? Seriously???) I didn't particular fall in love with Stefan's tattoo, not a big fan of them so I didn't liek that one. Including on him, why fix a masterpiece?? Anyways, it goes on to see Damon into the room and Elena tells him to leave. He objects by saying "If I see something I haven't seen before, I'll throw a dollar at it." I laughed out loud to this! Damon and Sefan continue to talk about finding the tomb and that's where the flashbacks (for us) start!
Obviously it flashes to Katherine and the day her and 26 other vampires were put into the tomb. It shows human Damon kissing Katherine after she just fed and had blood on her lips. Let me repeat that, she still had BLOOD on her LIPS! Can we all say ewww!? To me, Damon was very gentle and lovetorn with Katherine but it didn't seem like Katherine felt the same way. I actually felt bad for him because of the fact he would be turned with no mate to be with. Stefan makes me confused. If he loved Katherine than why did he follow his dad than help out with his brother to hide Katherine and her family? He seemed to angry with the whole "Let the vamires die!" thing. Also, I loved how his dad slipped the Vervain in his drink before Stefan let Katherine drink from him, it seemed too coincidental though.
And, what about that Anna?! I couldn't believe that Anna was from that time, I guess I should have assumed since she knew her but still. WOW! I didn't know how Stefan made the connection but whatever.
When the vampires were being taken away, I almost cried. Anna's mother was being taken away from her and Katherine was carried away by police. When the compass directed on Anna's mother, I seriously gasped!
Obviously now we know why Stefan and Damon aren't close anymore and where the book of spells is! Stefan goes to his dad's grave and digs it up with Elena. They find the book and once it is pulled out, Damon is there. Damon asks if Stefan was lying about their truce for the time. Stefan counters back by saying that he wasn't being truceful either since he came here to dig up the book as well. Damon threatens to kill Elena if Stefan doesn't hane over the book, Stefan reluctantly trades off with Damon.
**P.S. When Damon asked Elena honestly, without compulsion, if Stefan was being truceful, I almost melted. You can tell that he is starting to fall for her. And, Alaric was found out by Stefan who got a opy of Gilbert's journal! Stefan told Alaric he would keep Alaric a secret from Damon!**
The episode ends with Elena washing her face in the bathroom. Stefan goes downstairs to get some aspirin for Elena for her headache. He runs into Jeremy who tells Stefan that he invited Anna over. Stefan has a flashback to when Anna's mother is being taken away and gasps. He runs upstairs, vampire speed half way, to see Elena's empty bedrom and the window open with wind blowing in!
Music featured on this episode:
1. Kate Earl – “When You’re Ready” 

2. Surfer Blood – “Floating Vibes”
3. Elefant – “Goodbye”
4. Experimental Aircraft – “Stellar
Loved this episode! Can't wait for next week, tell me what you think and look at these pics below I grabbed from the lovely Vampire Diaries Online

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