Sunday, February 7, 2010

'I Love Your Blog' Award! February's Winner...Indy Twilighter!

This month's winner of the 'I Love Your Blog' Award is my great friends over at Indy Twilighter! The first time I ever came upon their blog was a few months back when I decided I would look for any Twilight fansites in Indy and typed it into Google. I came upon their's and clicked on it. Soon I was buzzing around on their and had to become affiliates with them back when I had my old blog called Forbidden Fruit. After affiliating with them and moving to a new blog, we still remained great affiliates. The first thing I fell in love with was their awesome banner and the fact they were from Indy. But, once I met all the girls at the blog, I loved all of them. They were funny and a delight to talk to. I was so glad once we became affiliates because now I had TwiHard affiliates that live...moderately close to me. : ) So, I am very proud to give them this month's award because these girls deserve it. They are all a bowl full of fun and I hope we all can meet up for the Eclipse premiere. (If you guys need any help with rasing money for your next charity, I have plenty of resources to donating a lot of $$$!) I love every part of their blog and their lovely personalities! Here's to you ladies, you deserve it! I did a Q&A with administrator to the blog, Andrea, her answers are down below!

How did you start your blog?
The blog was started in Feb of 2009...back then it was more of a personal online journalor scrapbook meant solely for me to write about Twilight. That didn't last long and as I started to actually attend Twilight events, etc so I decided to turn it into a site for all fans in June of 2009, where Twi fans could read Twilight related news of ANY kind. I wasn't alone in starting the blog Amy, a friend and fellow Twihard was my partner in crime on all of the crazy Twi adventures (which included a visit to the New Moon sets) in July we welcomed another staffer on board, Mary, she doesn't post on the blog but helps out at event we plan and often attends conventions with us. Additionally, just this January, we welcomed another member onto our staff, Stephanie. While I'm the administrator of the blog it wold be impossible for The Indy Twilghter Blog to function without all of us. Amy and Stephanie do such a great job helping keep the blog updated.

What is it about your blog that is unique?
Our blog really likes to interact with our followers both on the blog and Twitter. If you follow the blog and have a blog of your own (regardless if it's Twilight related) we follow back, if you follow us on Twitter, again, we follow you back. When The Indy Twilighter Blog does it's Follow Fridays on Twitter...we do a follow friday for ALL of our followers.

Where do you want to be with your blog in about three months?
Hmmm...that's kind of a tough one, when the Blog was started I never expected to meet some of the incredible people that I have and do some of things I've been fortunate enough to do, so I really don't have any expectations. Each month I'm suprised with something new so I'm just hanging on and enjoying the ride

Where do you get your update information and so on?
A lot of us use Google the info comes to us via email and if it's something we feel fans need to know or would want to know we research it and see if it's valid and post it accordingly. We also travel a lot to conventions, and concerts, related Twilight and report on them.

Can people contribute to your blog?
Yes, we're always looking for new posters to the blog. You don't have to have any experience...just a love for Twilight. We're really interested in finding some male Twilight fans that would want to post as well.
   -If so, how?
Anyone who's interested, can go to the blog, there you can find info on what you'd be doing as a blogger for us and contact info for me. Don't be shy, if you're interested let me know.

What blog/topic/idea/person/etc inspired you to make this blog?
The Twilight fandom inspired me to create the blog. We all here at the blog love meeting new fans and have made some really great friends.

How does Indiana compare to Twilight's Forks?
Well Indiana's weather is definitely very different from Forks and I've yet to meet any hot Vampires or teen boys who can shape shift into a wolf...but the two do have some similarities...Indiana has tons of small towns where everybody knows everybody, Indiana is also late to catch up on trends in fashion, music, etc.

Why did you chose Twilight to blog about?
I've never been so fanatical about anything before in my life. After reading the series I wanted more, wanted to talk about it, read about it, so I created the blog and I'm glad that it's also provided others with an outlet for their love of Twilight.

Will you be doing anything special for when Eclipse comes out?
The Blog held a Premiere party for New Moon...we raised money and donated it to the Susan G. Komen Brest Cancer Foundation. The people at the theatre had a blast and so did we, the people from Susan G Komen attended and were there to accept the money we had was pretty emotional. So, yes we will be doing another premiere party for Eclipse and will work in a way to help a local charity again as well. My camera was stolen at our premiere party so I have NO pictures from the event, which is my only regret from our New Moon premiere party.

How is it blogging for the Examiner?
Writing for the Examiner is a lot of fun. It does come with a bit more responsibility, but I get to write about celebrities and entertainment, which are two topics that have always interested me.

What do you want to say to other TwiHards out there?
Don't be afraid to stop by the blog and comment on posts that interest you or talk to us on twitter, we love meeting new fans!!

Do you have any tips for up-and-coming bloggers?
Running a blog is very time consuming, but the more effort and time you put into it the more you and your readers will gain.

Please visit these lovely ladies' blog!

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