Monday, February 8, 2010

Tales of an Urban Werewolf, Book 3: Leader of the Pack--Chapters 1-5

Okay, so after thorough searching and being in the library for weeks, I finally found the third installment to the Tales of an Urban Werewolf series. I was super excited once I found MacInerney on the shelf!
So in addition to not growing up in a pack, Sophie's natural talent of shielding herself has enabled her live right under the noses of the Houston pack of werewolves for most of her natural life. This has come with its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage being that when she is finally discovered by a rogue packette, and a werewolf enforcer, she is thrust into a series of events that she won't be able to wiggle out of.

Leader of the Pack is the third in this urban werewolf series and usually in the third book there is a big payoff. In On the Prowl, readers were left off with wondering exactly who and what Mark was. Was he some type of demon or spirit? Perhaps both. Wondering if Tom Fenris and Sophie were ever going to make a love connection. Wondering if the mission she completed would get her out of owing any allegiance to the Houston pack.
We see more development in Mark, Tom, Lindsey's and Heath's character and overall that makes them more interesting in relation to Sophie. And the introduction of Sophie's absent father who is now on trial by the Houston pack plunges her and her friends into new territory of pack politics and a battle for succession, which has a surprisingly satisfying ending.
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The first five chapters of the book seemed somewhat rushed to me. One minute Sophie's reviewing what happened in her past (the second book of ther series) to another she already met her dad! I think MacInerney really rushed into having us meet Sophie's dad, Luc Garou! Frnech name, and by the description, he seems sexy! (Immortality, peeps!) But, I did really like Sophie and Mark's relationship. Mark is really protective to Sophie, which I don't know what Sophie's complaining about, and they're getting their mack on! But, I don't understand, you sleep with someone who you don't even know what they are but you don't like when they get protective over you? That seems a little stupid seeing as how he's dating you and he's a guy! Of course, he's going to be protective over you because he must really care about you! And, when Mark says that Sophie's his, that's so romantic but I don't get why Sophie finds that weird. I mean, yes, they are just now starting to date but you slept with the guy and took a ring from him and say what weird creature he was. I would say that you guys are past the first few stages of the relationship. Meeting Luc Garou was awesome, he is said to has red hair that's kind of like Shane Brolly's hair in Underworld. He has the golden eyes and is very tall. He is said to be a ladies' man, charming, and extremely handsome. When Sophie is at a romantic date with Mark, Lindsey (Sophie's best friend) calls Sophie about her dad being accused of murder at the Howl, a gathering of werewolves. I liked the ending of the chapter with the sudden gasp from Lindsey's news. Great first chapters of the book though, can't wait for more. I'm on the seventh chapter so I'll be updating periodically.
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