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Interview with Ley Mesina

Today, on BNR, we have Ley Mesina, author of A Goddess of Night series. This past March, Ley released the second installment in the AGN series, Perdition and us here at BNR are ecstatic to see more secrets revealed and Lily's love life bud a little more. Ley stopped by to tell us more about Perdition and her writing style.

Here's a little about Ley:
Ley Mesina spent most of her childhood and young adult life writing short stories. She planned to teach after she graduated with her Master's in Psychology but, instead, decided to pursue her passion for writing. Ley lives in Southern California with her husband and children and is a frequent visitor of her own imagination. Source

BNR: How is Perdition continuing from where Reborn left off?
LM: Reborn is an introduction to the characters. I really wanted to explain everyone's story because I felt it was important. Perdition is more fast-paced and really delves into the adventure. Lily is finally beginning to accept that she is not only half-witch/half-vampire, but that she is also the Goddess of Night. She journeys out into the underworld in search of Nyx, the original Goddess of Night, to get the answers that no one else could give her. Meanwhile, Xander, Drew, and Roxy go into their own adventure and try to save Roxy's parents.

BNR: What character do you feel the most connected to personality wise?
LM: Obviously I love Lily's character, but personality wise I would have to say Roxy. She's logical and has a hint of paranoia. She is very observant and over analyzes everything, yet she's strong, smart, and independent. I can relate to her and I find her character easy to write.

BNR: Has there been any works that influenced your inspiration of the GoN series?LM: There wasn't anything in particular that inspired the Goddess of Night series, it was more of the phenomenon of vampires. I love everything supernatural related, so when vampires became a huge obsession, I didn't want to just write another vampire story. I enjoy the story of witches and have always been fascinated by them. So I thought...why not create a woman who is both witch and vampire? It's the best of both worlds.

BNR: What can we expect from Perdition?
LM: Perdition brings in another realm of the mythological side of the story and ties in very well with the first book, Reborn. I wrote this book at the edge of my seat and I'm hoping that my readers will read it that way too.

BNR: In a unique style, why did you decide to do a series of novellas?
LM: I love the concept of a continuing story. I know that I could do that with Novels, but I felt that when I started writing Reborn, everything would be in segments. I saw it as "episodes."

BNR: What is your favorite aspect about writing science fiction?
LM: My favorite aspect of science fiction is that everything is limitless. I have no boundaries and I can take a story or character anywhere.  There are no exact set of rules that I need to stick to when developing a character or supernatural creature. It can be anything I want it to be and more.

BNR: Is there any genre you have decided isn't truly for you?
LM: Yes - Westerns. I've just never really been interested in Western books or even movies, so I don't think I'll be exploring this type of genre.

BNR: What can we expect to see from you in the future?LM: I am currently working on the third book of the Goddess of Night series. I am also working on a novel (which has nothing to do with vampires) and a collection of children's books. To tap into my background in Psychology, I also plan to release a relationship guide. As you can see, these are all different types of genres, but I absolutely love writing and I like to explore my abilities.

Bonus: If you could ever do your own interpretation on a classic book, which one would it be and why?LM: This is a tough one! But I would definitely love to do an interpretation of the Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe. He is, after all, my favorite writer - so it only makes sense that I would pick a story from his collection. His stories are so dark and tragic that it's fascinating.

More About Perdition:

In the second installment of the Goddess of Night series, Lily ventures out into the Underworld determined to find Nyx and finally get the answers she’s been looking for.

Xander, Drew, and Roxy head out on a mission to rescue Roxy’s parents from the secret facility hidden below Devlond University.

The time has come. Secrets will finally be revealed and the world they once knew will change…

Forever. Source

A gracious thank you to Ley for taking some time off to visit BNR. If you would like to find out more about Perdition and Ley, you can visit her website or her Goodreads. You can also click here to read my review over Reborn, the first installment in the AGN series.

Peace and Fangs,

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