Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 16: "The House Guest"

We open up with Stefan and Elena being all lovey dovey while Elena protests to go back to that thing they call school. Damon attacks Elena thinking its Katherine and reveals that Katherine is out of the tomb to Elena.

Caroline talks with Matt about Tyler. Matt tells Caroline about Tyler’s goodbye to them. Matt tells Caroline to make up whether or not she wants to be with him or leave him alone.

Bonnie and Jeremy have a little rendezvous by Bonnie’s locker…making sure Elena doesn’t see of course! I love them right now!
Alaric tells Elena that unless he can be completely honest with Jenna, they’re done now.

Stefan tells Luka and his father that Elijah is dead. Stefan tells them that they know their plan to kill Klaus and offers a truce to help.

Katherine tells Damon that when a witch dies, they leave a mystical energy on where they live. Stefan reveals that if the witches can channel enough power, they won’t need a dagger. Hence, the burial ground Elijah was looking out in last week’s episode.

Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline (doppelganger, witch, and vampire) have a girls’ night! They talk Jenna into telling about how she felt about Alaric keeping things. She’s not happy of course!

Luka and his dad cast a spell to see into the Salvatore’s’ home. Luka goes off to see where Elijah is staying. Katherine goes down to the cooler where the blood is stored and senses something. Katherine sees the knife starting to pull out of Elijah’s body. She tries to keep the dagger in the chest, but is soon stabbed with a wooden stake by Luka. Damon comes in time and let’s Luka flame up! Luka’s father tries to save him, but sees he is too badly burned.

I guess its secret central because Caroline and Alaric come to turns that maybe keeping secrets isn’t the best thing for them, but it’s for the best for the ones they love. Caroline goes on stage after a band’s set and confesses that she still has feelings for Matt…with song. Wasn’t that bad, actually. And, it was ended with a lovely “Kiss the girl!” kiss.

Katherine reveals that she conspired with John Gilbert and said that only Stefan or Damon would live. She picked Stefan. Damon walks away, hurt in his own way.

Elena approves of Bonnie and Jeremy going out. Squee!
Jonas goes to the concert where he goes on a rampage to try and get Elena to help get his daughter back. He lights the building on fire. Matt tries to save Caroline, but gets stabbed with a glass bottle by Jonas. Caroline feeds Matt her blood and Katherine kills Jonas…or not. Ok, yes, he did.

Jeremy and Bonnie kiss for the second time! Bonnie touches Jeremy’s heart and sees she has her powers back…and that Jonas wants her to kill Klaus.

Damon rejects Katherine’s seducing! Love you right now too, Damon!

Caroline reveals to Matt that she’s a vampire. Matt remembers what Vicky said about vampires and accuses Caroline of doing something to her.

We end with Isabelle telling Jenna she’s Elena’s biological mother.

Peace and Fangs,

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