Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 12: "The Descent"

My stories are on again! It's seemed like forever since I have watched my stories and I am raving still over the comback it has made. Let's get to the recapping:

We start off with seeing Jules, who we saw Damon toe-to-toe with in the early episodes, at a campsite...naked. She sees what she has done from when she was a werewolf. Just as she's about to burn the bodies evidence, a ranger pulls up. What's for her to do? Kill him.

Now that Stefan is out of the tomb because of Elena's deal with Elijah, they get to meet up. Elena assures Stefan that they're safe because Katherine is imprisoned in the tomb. She takes some vervane and so does Stefan.

We see Rose telling Damon that she's scared of dying because of the werewolf bite she has gotten. Damon lies, when he sees the infection, that it is getting better when it looks horrible. Elena asks Damon if she will die and Damon says coldly that she probably will.

Caroline congratulates Tyler for not hurting or killing anyone on his first transformation. Tyler is still sort of shaken over what happened. She then notifies him that if he bites her, it's over for her. He asks where she found that out and she lies by telling him she read it in a book. Matt comes up to her and kisses her, and Caroline strangely pulls away and says she can't.

Elena takes Rose into Damon's bedroom is amazed by Damon's room. Rose notes that Elena has never been in there before. (It was a really nice room.) Rose starts to vomit blood and Elena goes to the bathroom to grab something to clean up with. When she goes back to the room, Rose isn't in the bed and Rose pops out and tries to attack Elena. Elena tells her that she isn't Katherine and Rose comes back to normal.

Damon goes to see Jules and tries to ask how to cure a werewolf bite. She tells him in detail the pain Rose will go through and tells him that the only cure is to run a stake through her heart.

Rose goes koo koo for cocoa puffs and starts to raid the Salvatore blood supply. When Elena finds her, she attacks her and runs away from the house. She attacks a man who was taking out garbage. After the kill, Damon finds Rose and she finally comes back. He tries to console Rose in his bed, but she seems to really be gone.

Matt asks Caroline what is going on, but she won't tell him anything. Tyler meets her at her house and kisses her. (Yes!) She kisses him back, but says that everyone needs to stop kissing her.

Back at Damon's room, they both think of a happy hillside. Rose and Damon are human because they are out in sunlight. Rose talks about how she misses being human. Damon then takes a stake and positions it over her heart. With a shed of a tear, Damon stakes Rose. he then takes it to Sheriff Forbes and tells her that he will bury the body.

Jules meets up with Tyler and tells him that Caroline isn't the only vampire in Mystic Falls. She says that she is his friend and that there are more like them on the way.

Elena tries to see how Damon is and after he is cold and distant. Finally, he breaks down and tells Elena that he is upset because Jules is coming after him and Rose paid the price. Elena goes home and sees that Stefan is there...with her Uncle John?!

At the end of the episode, we see a girl stop off in the middle of the road where a man is lying. She goes to see if he's OK and he gets up and we see it's Damon. And, yes, the boy has been drinking...a lot. He is saying that this si what he was and this is what he has to be. He then let's her go, but catches her and starts to feed. We see Damon's vampiric face.

What did you think of the episode? Tell me your thoughts!

Peace and Fangs,

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