Monday, July 12, 2010

True Blood--Season 3, Episode 4: 9 Crimes

Synopsis: Sookie goes to an engagment party for Alcide's ex; Tara takes a road trip with Franklin; Eric's search for Bill taakes on a sense of urgency; Andy gets a promotion; Sam comes to an agreement with the Mickens. Source from my TV.

After having to survive a week without a new True Blood episode, I'm back with a smiling face on a MONDAY (that's a first) to welcome the week with my review of this week's episode.
Being left with a lot of questions in the other week's episode, I am sad to say I'm still lost with knowing people's motives to their actions.

Okay, so let's start out with the main characters, in my view, Bill and Sookie. Bill is still with Russell and his stupid friends, which makes me mad. I, honestly, don't know why he wants to stay. But, anyways, Sookie is with Alcide and goes to where she is bandaging him up because of an attack in the last episode. While Sookie is talking to Alcide, she finally gets a call from Bill she's been waiting for. Sadly, this isn't the call she has been waiting for. Bill breaks up with her telling her, "I never want to see you again." They hang up after Bill tells her to stop trying to find him, he doesn't want to be found. Alcide comforts her after they disconnect, without a shirt. It seems like they come close to kissing but nothing really happens. The episode spans out with Bill finding a stripper for him, Russell and his creator, Lorena, to feed on which we see is so much bloodloss that it started to spill out of their limo. Sookie goes to Alcide's ex's engagment party to stop her from her bad behavior (taking V and hanging with werewolves). Once there, Sookie finds out that Alcide's ex's fiancĂ© is one of the men who kidnapped Bill. During the party, the wolves are passed V from Russell around and the blood makes the wolves go into a frenzy which causes Sookie make a quick exit.

As for Eric, he tries and find Bill but has a few situations during his search. Lafayette gets beaten up while trying to sell V to drugdealers which makes Eric come to save him and tell the dealers to back off. (P.S. Lafayette is enjoying his new ride.) Pam calls Eric at one point to tell him they are being raided by the vampire authorities and they have found V. (Bill tells Russell that Eric has been in a string of V dealings for the Queen Sophie and Russell takes this as another advantage to him conquering Louisana as his domain.) The vampire authorities tortures Pam until Eric gets to Fangtasia and sways the vampire authorities to think that Bill had a part in the dealing and gives Eric more time to find him or else Pam dies a true death. During all this time, Eric had a thought and him and Sookie being intimate.

Sam finds his family our in his parking lot and he finds out that they lost their home. He goes to look for their son, Tommy, whom Sam caught trying to steal from him, and they talk about how Tommy will be stuck with his parents until they die. Sam brings Tommy back and makes them a deal that they can stay in a real house but they can't drink or steal.

Jessica gets job as a waitress and asks Sam if she can serve beer, he says she can't until she turns 18. Jessica is distraught of this because she will never be eighteen. During her first shift, she comes upon an old friend who was in her bible study. She takes him to the back of Merlott's and hypnotizes him to get him to forget seeing her. During this time, Hoyt finds Jessica talking to a guy and walks away with what seems to be heartbroken.

Tara is being kidnapped by ugly cute Franklin. At one point, he even ties her to the toilet while he sleeps in the day so she won't try to run away. He gets mad when he tries to have "conversation" with Tara in the car and all she gives is snap comments and questions as to why he is doing this to her. He is doing his due for the King of Mississippi, aka Russell, whom Franklin is taking Tara to. To me, Franklin seems to have some hidden feelings for Tara, this may cause them problems in the future.

Lastly, there is Jason who still wants to serve in law enforcement. One day in the bar, the sheriff's retirement party is being disturbed by a few youngens in the pool area. Jason is angered by their behavior and goes to the guy who reminds him of himself. He tells the guy that he might think he's the best because he can get beer under age and have him but he won't be like that forever. When Jason walks away, the guy mentions that Jason was nothing anymore like he was ten years ago. Jason agrees that he might be nothing anymore but counters back that that guy will be looking back in ten years as well and wondering why he is nothing as well. The guy is dumbfounded and does not reply.

This episode has confused me even more but I've seen next week's episode trailer and it seems to clear up some questions I have. What did you think about this week's episode and do you think Bill will get back with Sookie? Will Eric confess his feelings to Sookie? What will happen between Tara and Franklin? Will Hoyt and Jessica get back together?

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  1. i love to watch true blood season 3 episode 6 i was so excited for this new episode hope i will so it here!


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