Sunday, May 2, 2010

Twilight Saga: Movie Versions

Since its a slow Sunday, I decided to look back at Twilight and New Moon along with looking forward to Eclipse.
First lets look at Twilight:
Very innocent and we were just getting to know the characters. Catherine did an amazing job with it. I loved Twilight a little more than New Moon because the music fit and the scenery was amazing. The overcast was cloudy which seemed exactly as how I pictured Forks along with the overly green grass and plants because of the constant rain. Of course, not all the acting was perfect to me but it seemed the most real. The akwardness of them being together and the slow progressing love between them that finally leads to the final part where they express their undeniable love for one another. The families were presented kind of weirdly and the fight scene seemed more as a ninja battle but nonetheless it is my favorite TwiMovie so far.
On to New Moon:
So, New Moon. Okay, I will admit it. I was "EEEEK"ing and screaming my head off when it come on in the theaters and I saw the moon slowly fade into darkness with the New Moon logo appearing after it. But, it had a more bright and golden feel to it, which I didn't like considering its suppose to be a depressing movie. I did however LOVE the werewolves and the music in this one...even though I still think the Twilight soundtrack was better. The part where Bella is running in Volterra was AH-mazing because I was seriously tearing up and yelped when I saw Edward and clapped once Bella threw herself on to Edward to get him to realize she's alive. New Moon was emotional to me but wasn't as good as Twilight in my opinion.
And finally (until Breaking Dawn), Eclipse:
Eclipse is my favorite book of the series (Breaking Dawn being my second) and so I'm having very, very, VERY high standards for my favorite book in the Saga. From the trailers I've seen, I'm very excited for the upcoming release. It seems more action-filled and more of a thriller than the other two. I loved that David Slade did this movie because I have seen 30 Days of Night and it was scary just not that romantic even though there was suppose to be romance in it. That's more of my only concern that the famous love triangle will be shortened to hype up the action. And, Evan better do a BER-illiant job of Victoria because I still loved Rachelle as Victoria.

Okay, so Bella through the movies has seemed to grow up. She went from tiny, fragile Bella in Twilight to lost, depressed Bella in New Moon to intelligent, mature Bella in Eclipse. Her image has changed. In Twilight she looked very young with her long curly locks and her constant long sleeves and cover-ups (like those mittens). In New Moon, she looks more fragile, more skinny like she's slowly deteriating without Edward. Eclipse, she looks mature and more womanly than in the other two movies.
Jake has seemed to change a lot, mostly because of his werewolf side. In Twilight, he seems to be the boy next door we only pay attention to when we girls have no one else to talk to at the bus stop. In New Moon, he seems to be coming out as a werewolf dude but in some scenes he seems more like a porno star getting ready for the cameras to roll. Just keep your shirt on, Jake! In Eclipse, he seems more like a...a man! His face is stern and sure of himself like he's suppose to be and more like a werewolf! Jake has progressed from a boy to a MAN!
Edward to me hasn't changed much which is great because if he did I'd be super P.O'd because vampires can't age! But, I do like how Edward has went from a very closed off guy to a kind of emotional guy to a guy that is ready to defend his lady...and have amazing hair. His hair looks amazing for Eclipse, I'm glad to say. He looks more...studly! :)

And now, lets look at the movie trailers:


  1. It is pretty cool and pretty amazing to see how the characters have evolved in the story line. I'm really excited for Eclipse. It was my favorite book too...hopefully the movie won't disappoint.


  2. This is Trix. You took the words right out of my mouth! By the way we love you too! You have actually made me want to read something other than Twilight books. No small feat.


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