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'I Love Your Blog' Award Winner for May 2010

For this month of May, I'm proud to say that my small, dinky blog (and Twitter) was being followed by two lovely ladies! One by the name of Tess and the other by the name of Trixie. After a short little forward backward with them on commenting on each other's blogs and E-mailing, I made two new TwiFriends that I can share my secret (okay, not really secret) obsession. Along with meeting two new people that are completely funny, I ran across their blog that was absolutely amazing! A week or so after I went on their blog and was stunned by the new design of their blog! After that, I knew that with the witty blog posts and the new design, this would be the next winner for my Award!
This blog is absolutely hilarious, the Twilight color scheme and the witty blog posts lets me laugh every morning on my way to school with my phone in one hand and my orange juice in the other! Along with the morning laughs and commenting whenever I can, I love their giveaways and contests. Sadly, I can't always get the chance to enter, I still love the prizes and someday, I will def enter in one of their contests. These two girls are my faves right now and I love them and their blog!
I'm glad to present you two girls and your lovely blog with this month's award.

Now, here's my Q&A with them:

What is your guys' blog all about?
Our blog is about all things related to Twilight and Rob Pattinson. We also will be discussing how we watch our voluptuous figures. You won't want to miss our diet plan!

Why did you decide to start your blog?
We needed a creative outlet for our twi-obsession and a place where we could come and drool over Rob without people trying to commit us or stage an intervention. We don't want help, people! We love our addiction.

Your guys' blog design is incredible, what steps did you have to take to get something that gorgeous?
A lot of thought and time went into our blog design. We decided we wanted to keep the color scheme Twilightish and since we're staying anonymous, our biggest decision was finding the characters that we wanted to represent ourselves. Somehow, without using pictures that belonged to someone else, we wanted to incorporate Edward into our design. We knew what we wanted and Pamela (from The Posh Box) helped us bring those ideas to life. She was really amazing through the whole process. We can't say enough good things about her. We were really needy and she always made things happen...even adding sparkles to a guy standing by a car.

You two have A LOT of contests and giveaways, how do you guys come up with them and the prizes?
We usually just try to think of stuff that we would want...all Twilight related, of course. We actually spend a good amount of time texting back and forth until we get the giveaway just right.
-Do you have one now?
We do have one going on right now. There are also more giveaways in the near future. Our followers will always be given one entry, just for following us, and additional entries will be given for comments and reposting about the giveaway.
--If so, what is it?
$25 Amazon giftcard, a Twilight Graphic Novel, and a Twilight inspired handcrafted necklace.

How did you guys decide to do it with the two of you and how does that work?
We both have personal blogs and we wanted to do a blog together. It was a no-brainer really. It works great. It is really nice to have someone to share blogging duties with and to bounce ideas off of. We always try to get the green light from each other before making posts. Other than that, we just collaborate a lot, text back and forth, and we trust each other's judgement.

How has Twilight (or should I say Rob) changed your life?
Oh, wow. This may have to be answered seperately.
Tess - For me, Twilight rekindled my love for reading. I've always been an avid reader, but through years of college, I lost my desire to read. Then motherhood happened, and all I had time to read was magazines (if that), let alone an entire novel. It came at just the right time in my life. I really needed an escape from reality from time to time and Twilight gave it to me. Rob reminded me (and continues to remind me) about all the reasons why it's great to be a woman. Having a crush on him has actually benefited my relationship with my husband. I know that might sound crazy, but it's true. I think before Rob came along, I was stuck in mom mode. He totally brought me out of it. I would really like to personally thank him someday.
Trixie- Yes, I agree with Tess. Twilight brought me out of mom mode and awakened the teenage girl still stuck deep down inside me. In certain ways it brought me back to life.

What kind of things do you plan on doing with your blog?
We have endless ideas when it comes to this blog. Some of those ideas/dreams are pretty lofty (like our "shop" button, among other things), but we're both pretty determined and goal-oriented, hopefully you guys will get to see all of the wonderful things that we've imagined for this blog come to fruition!

How is your blog unique to other blogs?
I guess just that it gets the TNT treatment. We're pretty unique individuals, so I think it is the personal touch that we give the blog that sets it apart from all the other fabulous Twilight blogs out there (and there are soooo many).

What do you plan on doing for the upcoming Eclipse premiere?
You'll just have to wait and see! We have so many fun things planned between now and June 30th! You can definitely expect to see giveaways and contests!

As TwiHards, what do you guys do to keep up your TwiHype?
We're pretty much immersed in it. We kind of eat, drink, and sleep Twilight. That's pretty much it. We also love to stay into the helps to keep us in the moment. We both have read and listened (on audio books) to the entire Saga many times.
How is your city compared to little old Forks, WA?
We actually both live in smaller towns, but I don't think either of our towns are as small as Forks. We don't have a Dr. Cullen parking spot at our local hospital.

What do you want to say to other TwiHards out there?
Don't let anyone make you feel weird or different about loving Twilight, no matter what your age. There is a reason so many people identify with it and the fans are so devoted. Plus, you never know where your Twi journey will take you. It brought the two of us together.

Do you have any tips for up-and-coming bloggers?
Let's see, our tips for up-and-coming bloggers...hmmmm. Well, actually we feel like we are those bloggers. However, we've had several years of experience in our personal blogs and we have a few tidbits of information to pass on...

1. Comment. Leave comment love on blogs you like/love...don't lurk...let people know that you've been there and you've read what they wrote. None of us write just for the sake of writing, we want someone else to come along and say something. You don't have to agree, but just say something! Also, return's nice to let people know that you read what they took the time to write!
2. Keep posts short(er). It's hard to keep bloggers' attention for very long. You'll lose people after a few paragraphs.
3. Add pictures when you can. It adds something for the imagination...makes things more interesting. (That's not hard for us...we can always find a Rob pic to oogle over!)
4. Be yourself. The blogs we love to read the most are when the people are real and don't try to create some perfect world for the readers.

Thanks for listening to what we have to say, and thanks to Black Nailed Reviews! Be safe! Peace, Love, and Twilight.

Your welcome girlz!!! Hope you enjoy!


  1. Thank you, THANK you, thank YOU!! You're awesome! We really appreciate all of the kind words and compliments. Meeting people like you makes blogging worth while!

    Thanks again,

    Trixie and Tess

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are so honored to receive this award!


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