Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Twilight Graphic Novel Review

So, last week I was blessed with a beautiful gift from the Twilight Gods and found this little novel up here ^^ just laying on the shelf like no one wanted it. Except for me! I snatched that thing and read it all that night.

First off, the artistry is AH-mazing! I loved the way they drew Edward and Bella and all of them...however, there was a picture of Alice that made her look like a creeper. It was beautiful though, including when they had the one picture of the beautiful color scheme...can't remember what it was though. I will say that I think it was a TOTAL cop-out when they took actual pictures of things instead of draw them made me laugh even in the serious parts.
I loved the quotes, it seemed some of them were from the movie while others were from the book. They really sumed up each scene. It was weird when they would throw in a "!" and they would seem calm in the picture and then sometimes it would have a "." and then it would look like they're yelling.
I do have one of my favorite scenes in this novel! It's when Edward picks Bella up for their "first date" (the one where she kisses Edward) and he goes "We're wearing the same thing." I love that scene, corney and random, but it's so cute!
The ending kind of peeved me off because they stopped the first Volume right after their first date and now I have to wait until the second Volume for the story to go on...even though I know what happens.

I give this novel a 4 out of 4 black nail polishs because...well, it's Twilight and anything that the TwiGods blessed me with at the library, I will give a four out of four!


  1. I bought this graphic novel from borders awhile ago but haven't gotten the chance to read it yet. I'm so glad you liked it, though and maybe I'll have to pick it up this weekend.

  2. You should really read it whenever you get the chance, Morgan. It's amazing how you get to see Twilight in a somewhat cartoon version.


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