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The Mortal Instruments, Book One: City of Bones--Part 1

Before I start this post, I would like to say that I'm emailing Beth Fantaskey right now for my first "Author of the Month Interview"! I'm incredibly excited and can't wait! She's emailed me back and has agreed to answer any questions I have. She has written the book, Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, and is coming out with her new book, Jekel Loves Hyde! Please email me with any questions you might want to ask her by this Thursday when I will send her my email and have her reply to your question! There is no limit on how many questions to ask but be reasonable! You can email me at blacknailedreviews@gmail.com with your questions!

Okay, so I've read the WHOLE first part of City of Bones and I'm back with you all to get this review on the road.
First off, we have to review what exactly happened. So, Clary and her best friend, Simon, go off to Pandemonium where Clary witnesses a murder by Jace, Isabelle, and Alec. It would have been better if one: someone else would have seen, two: the guy they killed wasn't a demon, and three: that they weren't all Shadowhunters. She get's in a fight with her mom the next day because her mom wants them to move out to the country for the rest of the summer. Her mom's best friend, Luke, leaves because he doesn't want to stay in the argument...apparently. Clary leaves with Simon to go to his band mate's poetry slam. She sees Jace there and follows him once he leaves. Her mother then calls and tells her she loves her and not to come home, then she hangs up. Clary, of course, goes back to her apartment where the light is out in the front but still she moves on. Another demon tries to kill her but she kills it by jabbing it in the throat with a Sensor she stole from Jace. She is hurt and Jace rescues her and takes her back to a Cathedral where it is invisible but still in the city. I think. She recovers but once to go back to her apartment to see what's left. Hodge, the leader of Jace and the others, decides it's okay for her to go, but only with Jace along with her. She reluctantly agrees and they go off to her apartment. They run into a giant who tries and kill Jace and Clary but Jace soon kills him. Dorothea, Clary's apartment neighbor, sees the kill and seems to know some stuff about the Downworld and Shawdowhunters. She tells them to come in and have some tea where they disect Jace's tea leaves and soon go in to another dimension. Jace and Clary leave and go to Luke's house to see if they can get information. They run into Simon who tells them that he's been trying to look for Clary for the past couple of days and went to Luke's to see what's up but he didn't tell a whole lot. Simon also says he saw Luke packing up weapons into a duffel bag. They sneak into Luke's house but find out his real name is Lucian and that he knows where Clary's mom went and why. He tells two other people, Blackwell and Pangborn, that he's getting out of town and laying low. However, Blackwell and Pangborn are the ones who killed Jace's father. They go back to the Institute (with Simon) and tell Hodge everything as Simon drools over Isabelle. Jace never tells Hodge about B & P. Hodge tells Jace and Clary that he was in the Circle as well as the Lightwoods (Isabelle's family) and a couple others that they know. Hodge says that Valentine lead the group. Clary asks what does that have to do with her mother and Hodge replies that "because she was Valentine's wife."

Okay, I've got goosebumps! I would have never assumed Valentine was her mother's HUSBAND until the last page! I stood back and had to say aloud a "Whaaaaat?!" I mean, how could you not?!
Besides that, Jace and Clary's relationship seems to be budding. I love Jace because he's tough and it truly seems like he wants to be with her in some ways. Like the way he saved her and defends her and all that. It's cute. However, I never liked Simon surprisingly. I would have expected it to be the other way around but I can't STAND Simon. He's so sarcastic and we all know what he was going to tell Clary during the Poetry Slam, that he likes her, but what a way to show it by drooling over the most obviously beautiful girl! So, Simon is not good in my books, as of now!
I am sort of confused with the Shadowhunters, the Downworlders, and what Valentine is trying to do but I think I'll grasp it by the end of this book.
Right now, I do like this series, it doesn't have vampires or werewolves...well, they just mention them, but it's a good book series that doesn't need vampire sor werewolves to be good. I love the first section to death!
Tell me what you think of City of Bones, so far!
We are now on the first section of the second part. Reading from page 150 to 300 by next Tuesday!

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