Friday, January 15, 2010

The Twilight Companion: FINISHED!

After reading for a looong time (for me), I am finished with The Twilight Companion: The Unauthorized Guide to the Series by Lois H. Gresh.
In my previous post, I did ride Gresh on a lot of things...and I still do. Like the whole thing that you can't be in a relationship with a werewolf without getting hurt and you have to put on a werewolf costume to satisfy, no! If werewolves want their women to become werewolves then why didn't Jacob Black say that Bella was "too human" and if werewolves do that, why not vampires? It didn't matter that to me that she preferred Edward (which she said she wasn't on any team but it is very obvious she is) and vampires but I didn't like how she made werewolves seem like they couldn't be romantic or stable when they get angry. Jake gave Bella a dreamcatcher and this little beauty vv:
So, yeah, I do think they can be romantic. And, yes, I am Team Jacob! I think it would be obvious by my Team Jacob bag, my life size poster of Taylor Lautner, my Twilight poster of Jacob, and the fact that my mp3 is deemed with Jacob photos. So, I will admit that most of my hosterity is from the fact I do love my fictional werewolf but still you shouldn't pick a side. When you're writing a book, unless it's a first person story, you shouldn't make how you feel towards Edward and not towards Jacob into a GUIDE that is for the WHOLE series. If you want to make a guide for Edward, by all means, go ahead. (I will read that one too.) But don't push vampires, or werewolves, on me, I as a TwiHard just want to go more indepth in the story...that's all. And, making Jacob seems like he's hairy and drools and howls <---- what's wrong with howling?! while Edward is clean shaven and has rock hard abs. Sorry to do this to the people that wished to get passed this but do we remember Taylor Lautner's natural abs and Rob's airbrushed abs and the nasty hair on his chest. (I still love you, RPattz. Truly, I do!)

Total difference right! But, anyways, my review is on the book, not the abs. I still giv this whole book a 3 1/2 black nali polishes out of 4. I do believe that the quizzes were good, the grammar and all that were terrific but the fact of putting your point into a guide about the series (not Edward Cullen), it kind of makes me pull back the whole four. So there you go, Gresh! Hope your other guide is just as good...and hopefully less opinionated.

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