Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Review: In The Land Of Women (2007)

This past Saturday, I decided to watch In The Land of Women because it seemed...well, Kristen Stewart was in it. That's the real reason. :] But, anyways, at first I couldn't wait to see KStew in here but my attention was towards these two:
Yes, Meg Ryan and Adam Brody.
I loved this movie because of their connection. When they first meet it was so right and real. AHH! Meg plays KStew's character's mother, Sarah, and she loves the perfect life, so she nicely introduces herself to Adam's character, Carter. Carter soon talks to her to get contact from someone else but his akward grandmother. They soon take walks together and share secrets and their love lives. But, Lucy, Sarah's daughter, falls for Carter and a twist completely spins this story out of control.
*slow clap*
Great job, guys! I completely loved this movie to death. Ryan was amazingly beautiful and at the same time lost as to what happened to her picture perfect life. Brody played the heart-broken writer greatly and that story of the teddy bear. Classic! Stewart played the distraught teenager amazingly! Stewart made her character lovable at times and sometimes you wanted to choke her, that was completely on the T. KStew was great and I couldn't believe that her lip biting came in handy. I didn't, however, like KStew's hair blonde, she should keep it as the dark hues, it looks more beautiful on her.
The other characters were great too, even Carter's grandmother...who didn't want to wear pants when she answered the door. I loved the little sister, she was the typical little sister that was the mother's comfort and the cheating husband that still seemed to cheat even when his wife...well, I'll let you find out for yourself.
I truly recommend this movie to all the Juno and My Sister's Keeper fans out there.
I give this movie three nail polishes for the great acting and plotline but I have to take away one for not putting in what happened to Sarah! So, 3 out of 4 black nail polishes!

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