Saturday, January 9, 2010

Twilight Companion--Chapter 1: Bite Me Review

Last night, I picked this up thinking "Awesome! A guide for Twilight!" Of course I'm not out of the loop, I just finally found it...for $10.39. So, after buying this and Blood Promise. I decided to read the Companion fist to see what's it all about.
Well, after reading the first chapter, I can safely say that this is going to be very...opinionated. In the first fifteen pages, Gresh already came to the conclusion that Edward Cullen is "Mr. Perfect" and that every girl wants to be Bella Swan (for her persoanlity). Now I love Edward (and RPattz) and he is pretty perfect. Not saying he's not. And, I'm not saying that every girl doesn't want to be Bella. But, think about it, how many times do you go walking down a New Moon or Twilight premiere fan line and you see "Team Bella" or "I Love Bella Swan" shirts. Either rarely or...never. Sorry. But, most people see Bella as whiny or needy, so saying that Bella is the perfect girl every girl wants to be is taking it a little too far. Edward, okay I understand there are huge Team Edwards out there. (I'm a Team Jacob girl.) And, I do love how protective and loving Edward is but telling millions of girls who are reading this that Eward Cullen is "Mr. Perfect" and only him. She even decides to list off actors (who are humans by the way!) who can't compare to Edward. Like Matt Damon, Bradd Pitt, James McAvoy, Patrick Dempsey, Daniel Radcliffe, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Johnny Depp. JOHNNY DEPP!
This man???^^
You actually said that Edward Cullen is better than Johnny. My Johnny. The one who did Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands, Publia Enemies, and the upcoming Alice In Wonderland?
Uh, no!Sorry, Gresh, but you are dead wrong. This hot beast above is my Edward Cullen.
But, anyways, it's okay to have Edward's perosonality traits in mind when finding someone but to name a fictional character Mr. Perfect and no one who is real is, it's giving girls false hopes and regular guys NO chance whatsoever.
Right now I give this back a one blask nail polish for great writing but bad deliever. I don't like anything Twilight to be one-sided UNLESS it is the actual books.
Hopefully it'll get better.

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