Friday, January 8, 2010

Review: 'Up In The Air' (2009)

I literally just came out of the theater and I am...amazed! Everyone person was amazing in this movie from George to Anna to Vera and so on.
The movie (and I think there's a book) is about a guy, Ryan (Clooney), who is a frequent flyer and his job is to fire people around the nation. One day when he comes back to his work base, a new girl, Natalie (Kendrick), shows a new method of firing people: by video chat. Obviously Ryan is upset by the idea and takes Natalie in the air with him to show him why this is the right method. Ryan also has a "hit-it-and-forget-it" girl, Alex (Farmiga). He soons starts falling for her and it takes his life in sudden twist and turns.
I will not give any spoilers but I do have to mention that the movie makes the most "gasp" worthy ending. The final scene is like the final scene in Cast Away. --------Great movie by the way. But enough about the ending....
George Clooney
Absolutely amazing like every other of his movies. I thought that George might have struggled with playing kind of a humor romance kind of thing like Juno or Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist but he was surprisingly great! I couldn't notice however that he had that twitchy smile like he wanted to go on laughing. It reminded me a lot of RPattz in New Moon, doesn't mean it wasn't great though! Clooney did a great job with being the guy who is so isolated but knows how people react and how to handle it. He seemed exactly like a guy whose been a business for years. My dad is a communication salesman so I know how professional they are but knowledgable on all outcomes.
Anna Kendrick
*slow clap*
Can we get a Oscar nom, please? For Anna, I was very scared to watch her be in the big league. (Yes, Twilight is in the big league but she isn't our lovable Jessica but the sassy Natalie.) At first, I kept seeing Anna being a teenager and not right out of Cornell material. As the movie went on and she drank martinis and sang karaoke (which she was good at), it became clear that there was no Jessica Stanley in here. Anna was amazing at playing the newbie and not fully knowing hat it takes to be in Ryan's field. I loved Anna in this and I truly thinks she deserves atleast an Oscar for this performance because she completely seperated herself from Jessica in a great way and she didn't have to be nude or curse all the time to get away from a teenager role...she just had to drink! Just kidding! Love you, Anna!
Vera Farmiga
Vera was brilliant as Alex. The first time Ryan and her, it was like being bored at a bar and just making small talk with each other for something to do. She was great throughout, even though she was the hit-and-run girl, I still loved her. She was lovable and just like Ryan but you knew he was the one for Ryan. I loved her performance because she went from being the person you wanted Ryan to be with FOREVER to the person you just loved to hate. Vera did a great performance throughout the movie, she was very smooth with her lines and every time she was funny it was even more hilarious because she didn't try to be as funny as some other actresses. I loved Vera as Alex and she deserves a "Supporting Role" award.

Overall, I give this movie 5 out of 5 black nail polishes for a great movie. I thought I wouldn't like it because of the normal plotline but it really WOWed me and now I can see why it is up for "Best Picture". Way to go, guyz!

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