Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Thicker Than Water by Carla Jablonski

Title: Thicker Than Water
Author: Carla Jablonski
Series: N/A
Format: Paperback
Release Date: January 11, 2007
Genre(s): YA, Fantasy, Realistic Fiction



Seventeen-year-old Kia barely survived her parents divorce several years ago. Now her mom is in the hospital battling cancer and Kia is stuck with her workaholic father, leaving her searching for an escape from the everyday horrors of her life.

She finds this escape with a group of people acting out a dark fantasy. These vampires spend all night in dark clubs, wearing gothic outfits, and even baring fake fangs. But when Kia meets Damon, she begins to wonder if maybe a true vampire exists among them, one who could be the answer to all of her problems . . .


Plot: Kia has had a difficult life. First, her parents divorced. And jsut when life was good again, her mom got cancer. Now she's stuck living with her robot-like dad. He tries but obviously not enough. Kia slowly starts withdrawing from everyone, even her best friends. Then she finds a whole new world she never thought of before. It's a world of vampires and darkness. Her friends worry about this world (especially because she's practiaclly dropped out of school now) but she doesn't care. It helps her feel better.
Character(s): Kia -  She doesn't feel like she fits in anywhere. Even her friends don't understand her. She feels like she has to hide everything from everyone and doesn't confide in anyone. She keeps everything bottled up and snaps at people when she gets too stressed. She's a kind person though. She cares about her mom greatly. She feels guilty if she ever misses a trip to the hospital and loves people greatly.
Cover: The cover was a bit confusing to me, but I did like it. The font and color are cool. It has an eerie sort of feel that matches the book well.
Closing Thoughts: I'm only giving this book a one because to be honest, I didn't like it. I barely wanted to finish it, but I did. I was confused through the whole thing if it was suppsoed to be realistic or fantasy. It was weird and unrelatable. The way she acted, the things she did. None of if seemed to flow well.
Where to find Carla Jablonski:
Sweet Daydreams,

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