Thursday, February 21, 2013

Review: Bitter Rose: Color Me Crushed by Melody Carlson

Title: Bitter Rose: Color Me Crushed
Author: Melody Carlson
Series: True Colors #8
Format: Paperback
Release Date: January 5, 2006
Genre(s): YA, Realistic Fiction, Christian Fiction




Maggie blames her mom for the family's disintegration. "She’s driven him away with her constant nagging and complaining and arguing. Honestly, who could stand to live with that woman?" she vents to her friend Claire.

However, there's more to the story, and Maggie desperately wants to know the truth--something nobody seems willing to tell her.

The eighth book in the TrueColors teen fiction series, Bitter Rose takes an honest look at divorce, forgiveness, and relationships.


Plot: Maggie has always been closer to her dad than her mom. Especially for the last couple months. Her mom has been nagging constantly and always in a bad mood. Especially with her dad! So when her dad decides to move out for good, Maggie is angry with her mom. How could she do this to their family? But throughout the length of the book she figures out that maybe she was wrong about everything.
Character: Maggie- She has a very strong personality. She wants a job so she goes out and gets one. She goes after a boy much older than her and she's not afraid of much. But even under her tough exterior you can see that her family's split has caused her to feel pain.
Cover: It's the same basic cover as the others in this series, matching the color in it's title.
Closing Thoughts: I think I'm going to give all these books in this series two out of four. They are really short reads and I enjoy reading them, but there's just nothing that stands out to me. It has good themes and I like how they all are very religious, though.
Where to find Melody Carlson:
Sweet Daydreams,

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