Wednesday, April 13, 2011

*LATE UPDATE* Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 17: "Know Thy Enemy"

I missed the first episode last week...I know, I know! I try and keep up with VD recaps for you guys as much as I can. Since I wasn't able to watch this week's episode, I don't think it's right I try to explain the episode. Here's the recap I grabbed from The Vampire Diaries Wiki:
"The episode starts immediately where the last ended.

Isobel said that it is nice to see Elena again and asked Jenna to let her in, but Elena said no and closed the door. Jenna was devastated by finding out that Elena knew that Isobel is alive all along, and went upstairs and started to cry. Later, Alaric came (Stefan and Damon told him about Isobel), but soon after Jenna exited the house. Then John told Alaric that "if he was honest with her, nothing of this would have happened". Then Alaric punched him. Elena told him that this is all his fault.

Meanwhile, Caroline phoned Stefan and told him Matt now knows about vampires, but she can't find him anywhere. Soon after, Stefan came to the Gilberts' house and talked with Elena. John called them to go downstairs. Isobel was there, and John had invited her in. She told them that she has information about Klaus. She didn't find him but she heard rumors that the doppelganger exists. She said that she also has a safehouse for Elena, but Elena refuses it.

Bonnie, Damon and Jeremy went to the Martins' house to pick up the grimoires.

Isobel came to her new house along with Frank. Katherine was also there. Isobel told her that she's been busy by talking with Klaus to spare Katherine. She also told him that she didn't find Klaus but she found one of his warlocks, Maddox." [click to continue...]
You can watch the full episode here!

Remember to watch this week's episode, The Last Dance, tomorrow at 8/7 EST!

Peace and Fangs,

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