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Review: Betrayal (Immortal #2) by Gillian Shields

Synopsis: "There are the small betrayals: the unkind word, the petty lies. And there are the betrayals that break hearts, destroy worlds, and turn the strong sweet light of day into bitter dust."
When Evie Johnson started at Wyldcliffe Abbey School for Young Ladies, her life changed in ways she couldn't possibly have envisioned: the discovery of her link with Lady Agnes, her special bond with Helen and Sarah, and their sisterhood in the astonishing secrets of the Mystic Way. Above all, Evie's love for Sebastian has turned her world upside down.

Now Evie returns to Wyldcliffe for another term and more danger. Surrounded by enemies, she lives every day in fear that Sebastian will fall into the darkness of servitude to the Unconquered Lords. The Wyldcliffe coven is plotting to destroy Evie and use Sebastian to secure their own immortality. Evie and her sisters must master the power of the Talisman before it is too late. But could it be Sebastian himself who will ultimately betray Evie?

In this companion to Gillian Shields's dazzling Immortal, magic and sweeping romance cross the bounds of time to deliver heart-stopping emotion and suspense. Source

Plot: This is the sequel to Immortal and I was excited to finally get my hands on Betrayal. I was a bit confused when I started to read it. I haven't read Immortal in almost a year and Betrayal took some time to recount what happened. Evie would just say that she couldn't believe what happened and how horrible she felt for what she had done and I'm staring at the book trying to remember what happened in Immortal. I did, however, love the concept of the book. It was a nice take to see the heroin trying to save her love. I was getting really into the book. Some points, I was actually fighting tears because the book was getting to me. The ending was something I was NOT expecting and I have to say that I loved the way it was written, but not how it was written. Shields did a beautiful job at the end, but I hated how it ended. I won't say how it ends because it would give away everything, but I had a total love-hate relationship with the ending.

Characters: Evie-I have always loved Evie, she was such a great heroin. I loved how she was sure on her powers and helping Sebastian, but questioned herself when she wasn't able to accomplish something. She was determined to cure Sebastian and she wouldn't stop he was. When Evie was questioning her life at the moment and a life she could have was very refreshing. It was nice to know that she was in love with Sebastian, but wanted to have a normal life as well.
Sebastian-Shields was amazing when it came to Sebastian. Sebastian was still in the book and the plot line with his writing to Evie. You could see the pain Sebastian was going through with struggling to keep his humanity. He was a bit dramatic at times, but it just showed you how tormented he was. I was praying for the next chapter to have Sebsatian or one of his letters because I loved him so much. I can honestly see why Evie called him her first and only love. (One of the reasons I was close to crying.)

Cover: I loved the two covered to the Immortal series. The first one represented Evie's powers for the element of Water and the Tailsman. Betrayal was a nice cover to go along with the book. It had fire which represented Agnes' element of Fire and short of showed the fire of betrayal that some of the characters felt in their heart.

Overall Rating: I give this book four out of four. Even though the ending peeved me off, I still loved Shields' writing and how elegantly the story flowed. My only precaution with this book is try to read the books closely together. They are both great to read, but it was hard to get back on the series when it has been so long.
Peace and Fangs,

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