Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wanted Wednesdays: Dark Visions

Hey everyone! It's me Brooke. Alisha couldn't blog today, so she asked me to do the Wanted Wednesdays for her. So, a book series you may or may not know is one I believe to be amazing. Ready to try and guess it? Here's a hint.

"Kaitlyn Fairchild has always felt like an outsider in her small hometown. Her haunting eyes and prophetic drawings have earned her a reputation as a witch. But Kait's not a witch: She's a psychic. Tired of being shunned, Kait accept an invitation to attend the Zetes Institute, where she can have a fresh start and study with other psychic teens.
Learning to hone her abilities with four other gifted students, Kait discovers the intensity of her power--and the joy of having true friends. But those friendships quickly become complicated when Kait finds herself torn between two irresistible guys. Rob is kind and athletic, and heals people with his good energy. Gabriel is aggressive and mysterious, a telepath concealing his true nature as a psychic vampire, feeding off of other's life energy. Together Rob and Gabriel's opposing forces threaten the group's stability.
Then one of the experiment traps the five teens in a psychic link. A link that threatens their sanity and their lives. And Kaitlyn must decide whom to trust. . . and whom to love."

Still trying to figure it out? This amazingly astounding wonderful (dramatizing) book is called Dark Visions.
From the woman who brought you Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, Forbidden Game, Night World, and more comes the epic story Dark Visions. Unfortunately, this being an older book, has no new upcoming books in this series. Though, there is no need for more, seeing as it has the perfect ending.
So, many may think I am exaggeration, but I love this book very much and I think anyone who enjoys a book with a bit of everything in it will love it too.

Sweet Daydreams,

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