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Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 5: "Kill or Be Killed"

*slow applause*

Another week and I'm hyped up from this week's episode of the lovely VD! Of course, I'm still getting over my weekly swoon of Damon and trying to get over my freakout when I saw the hottie human, Jeremy , is back! (No one did tell me where he went.) But let's recap this week's episode.

Okay, thing number one: Mystic Falls needs to call it quits with the fundrasier, there are just so many you can do! The fair and now this one for the park thingy? Mystic Falls needs to get a hobby, like scrapbooking or something. I'm tired of these fundraisers, Mystic, there's only so many fundrasiers one small town can have. But, on to the recap:

It starts off with "younger" Mason, whose at a bar and gets ready to leave. One of Mason's friends follows him out and accuses Mason of being with his girl. Obviously the guy is drunk but it doesn't stop him from trying to attack Mason. Mason defends himself and tells him to stop and that he wasn't doing anything with the guy's girl. The guy keeps coming at Mason and finally Mason hulks out and slams the guy against the concrete where he dies and that's where we see how Mason caught the curse. (Even seeing his eyes slant, which made me shiver a bit.)

It flashes to the present where Mason finishes his story to Tyler. He tells Tyler to uphold his part of the deal and hand him the moonstone. Tyler reveals one of his deceased father's hiding spots but plays dumb and tells Mason he thought the moonstone would be in there, when it wasn't. This is obviously going to come back on him.

We go to Elena and Jeremy, where Jeremy is filled on all the new happenings, like Tyler's werewolf lineage. Jeremy wants to help but Elena quickly declines. Stefan then shows up to see Elena before the fundraiser thingy. *eye roll* They exchange lovingly glances and comments like how if Stefan says something it means he loves Elena and vice versa for Elena. They plan to put up another fight in front of Caroline, so she keeps thinking it's over between Stefan and Elena.

Caroline sees her mom, the Sheriff, getting ready for the fundrasier picnic thing. Caroline makes comments to her mother about how she shouldn't act like such a good mom all of a sudden.
Stefan tries to create a truce with Mason, so no one will get hurt in the Falls, but Mason thinks otherwise. Stefan then flexes his muscles and tells Mason to back off because a full moon has already passed and there are two of them and only one of him. Once Mason leaves, Damon appears (which scared me almost to death). Damon whines about Stefan wanting to create peace between them and Mason.

Mason goes to the Sheriff and tells her the truth about the Salvatore brothers, that they are vampires. At first, the Sheriff doesn't believe him because of all the stuff Damon has doen for Mystic Falls but then comes around and tells Mason to prove it.

Caroline and Elena talk about Caroline's mom, but it shifts to Stefan and Elena's relationship. Elena plays her role well and Caroline eats it up. Damon then tries talking to Shreiff Forbes but she acts differently towards him, she says its just Caroline and walks off. Damon goes to Caroline and tells her to quick being so rude to her mother, while Stefan and Elena have their "fight". Caroline, again, eats it up while Damon isn't buying it one bit. Damon confronts Stefan about the "fight" while he sips at lemonade, which we soon find out was slipped with vervain. (Very sneaky, Mason! Very sneaky!)

The Sheriff and other deputees shoot Stefan and Damon with wooden bullets and inject them with vervain. Caroline hears whats going on and tells Elena. They go out and inspect the noise.

Mason leads the Sheriff to the Salvatores' dungeon where she plans on taking Stefan and Damon out. She makes Mason leave where he runs into Elena and Caroline. Mason finds out that Caroline is a vampire and threatens to snap Elena's neck. Caroline beats him up and leaves him unconscious.

Damon still tries to fight against the bullets and vervain while Stefan is still out cold. Sheriff tries to pull questions out of Damon, but he doesn't give anything up. Caroline and Elena make it to the entrance of the basement where Caroline is iffy on whether or not she should go down there and reveal herself to her mother. Elena leaves her there and goes into the basement herself where she shocks the Sheriff and deputees. Then it happened... Caroline comes down into the basement as a blur and takes out the two cops by drinking from one and knocking out the other. She hides in the shadows for a second but then comes into the light where she loses her vamp face and looks at her horrified mother. And, the most bad ass words were uttered in the whole Vampire Diaries seasons... "Hi, Mom." *big applause*

Stefan ragains consciousness and Damon tries to make Shreiff Forbes keep quiet about them but she refuses and say she rather be dead. Damon decides not to kill her though because she was his "friend". They decide to chain her in the dugeon until the vervain leaves her system so they can compel her to forget what she found out about the Salvatore brothers. She tells Damon to give her one thing and to keep Caroline away from her. Damon refuses but she says her daughter is gone, Caroline overhears this and runs off.

When Elena comes back from looking for Caroline, she sees Stefan looking at the packets of blood that Damon stores. He wants to do what Katherine did with vervain and build an immunity to the desire for blood. When Elena sees that he's serious, she walks away disappointed.

Elena catches up with Caroline who reveals that she is afraid to go home where Katherine is waiting to hear what Caroline has gathered. She asks what Katherine wants and Elena says that's the "million dollar question".

Damon and Elena discuss that Stefan should drink blood so he can get stronger. Elena finds Stefan and they both agree for a couple drops a day. Elena tells him she doesn't want him to do it by himself. SHe offers her blood, which he accepts and drinks from her without killing her.

Through all of this, Jeremy finds Tyler hanging out at the restaurant. He goes over to talk to him and to see if he's okay. Two girls come up to them and ask if Tyler's ready to go back to his house, Tyler invites Jeremy to come with them. The girls get drunk and come upon Jeremy's sketchbook which is filled with wolf sketches. Tyler takes Jeremy into his father's study where he confronts Jeremy as to what he knows. Jeremy reveals he knows what Tyler is. Tyler spills about the family curse and what Mason told him. He then brings up the moonstone and they wonder what it is used for. The two girls come in drunk and try to play hot potato with the moonstone. One of the girls runs up the stairs and try to get it away from Tyler. He wrestles with her for it but accidently makes her fall down the stairs. Luckily, she is fine after the three of them freak out.  
When Mason comes home, Tyler confronts him and tells him he wants nothing to do with the curse. He gives the stone to Mason who looks relieved. (Hmm?)

We flash to Mason getting into a car where Katherine is sitting in the driver's seat. We flash back to the past where Mason kills the guy and we see Katherine coming out of nowhere and consoling him. She was really the one who told the guy that Mason was hitting on his girl. (Could have seen that coming.) She scolds him for messing with Damon and Stefan and to focus on getting that stone. Mason reveals the stone and the two kiss passionately. (Uh, gross!)

So, this episode was AH-mazing, including with the fact that a new episode won't be on for another two weeks! Guess we have to wait fellow VD fans!

Peace and Fangs,

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  1. I absolutely love TVD. It's one of my favourite tv shows... but I have to admit I have never read the books :S (*shame*)


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