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Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 4: "Memory Lane"

For this week's episode, we go back to dealing with Katherine. She makes her presence known when she manipulates Stefan's dream to show Damon talking to Elena, playing pool with her, and even kissing her. Damon even says at one point to Stefan, "Prepare to lose." Katherine brings him back to the Founder's Ball in 1864 and tells him, "Now you know how I feel." Stefan wakes up from the nightmare to see Elena sleeping beside him, it takes him a moment to see that it is really Katherine.

Stefan fnds Katherine reading Damon's journals and gains knowledge of the Lockwoods'. She tells Stefan that the werewolves played a part in the vampires' "eradiction" in 1864. She tells Stefan that just because the Lockwoods' have the werewolf trait, it doesn't mean they are full werewolves. Stefan then seduces her into thinking that he loves her and stabs her with vervain. He locks her up in the cell and tells her to spill the reason why she's in Mystic Falls.

Mason refuses to tell Tyler what he saw the other night and about the wolf curse. Mason tells Tyler that it happens but it won't happen to Tyler. Tyler isn't too keen on Mason's answer though.

Jenna hosts a barbecue where she invites Mason, Damon, and Alaric. Jenna and Mason get along too easily and Alaric isn't too happy with this fact. Damon shows up and Mason introduces himself. Caroline joins the barbecue and talks with Elena about her excessive eating so she will not feed. Caroline then confesses to Elena that Stefan has too much trouble with being with Elena because of the smell of her blood.

We jump back to 1864, where Stefan walks Katherine home unaware of that she is a vampire. He tells her that he's never met a woman like her. Katherine says goodnight and goes to her room where the curly haired (totally sexy) Damon is waiting for her. He tells her that he was going to meet her there but she compels him and tells him to leave.  Stefan then learns (in present day) that Henry Lockwood was using vampires to cover his tracks. He planned to have them all captured but how Katherine could escape.

Damon is messing around with Mason and puts a silver knife in the pie for everyone to cut their own piece. Mason does the nasty solution and picks up the slice of pie with his grubby hands. He confronts Damon and tells him to not start an old-age feud. He obviously doesn't know Damon's style, Damon waits for him outside and stabs him. Mason tells her that "now you've made an enemy."

Elena thanks Caroline for giving her a lift to Stefan's but asks Caroline why she's so short with her. Caroline tells her that she has her own problems and that the odds of Elena and Stefan working is slim. The car suddenly stalls (because of Caroline) and the two have to wait for a tow truck. Elena says it is taking to long and starts to walk. Caroline stops her and tells her she can't leave but Elena says she is worried about Stefan. Caroline then asks Elena why she is rushing to a relatyionship that can't work. Caroline gives comments to Elena about how Elena can't grow old with Stefan or have his kids. She says she's only trying to be a friend but Elena tells ehr to stop trying and decides to walk once the tow truck comes.

Stefan continues to ask Katherine the true reason as to why she's back in Mystic Falls. She tells him that she has already told him the reason. They begin the start talking about that Katherine is not afraid to kill to get what she wants. Stefan tells her that if she really wanted to kill Elena, she would have already. Katherine then comments that she could snap Elena's neck like a twig. Stefan grabs a chair leg and threatens to kill Katherine. She tells him he wouldn't and then says that he can't be with Elena anymore and if he is, she will kill everyone Elena loves in front of her and then kill Elena while Stefan watches. Elena then enters the Salvator home and Katherine breaks out of her chains and tells Stefan she has been sipping vervain to gain immunity from it. She stabs Stefan in the leg and runs up to where Elena is. Elena turns around and asks Katherine how they can look exactly alike. Katherine tells her she is asking the wrong questions and runs off by time Stefan comes into the living room where Elena is at. They hug and ask one another if they're OK.
Caroline if in the Mystic Grill bathrooms when Katherine appears and asks her why she couldn't occupy Elena like she was asked. She says she did and told Elena that her relationship with Stefan is doomed and she thinks it got to Elena. Katherine says she hopes and that she killed Caroline once and she can easily do it again.

Tyler has the moonstone Mason wants and won't give any information on it until Mason tells him how the curse is triggered. Mason still refuses but finally snaps and tells Tyler that it is triggered by killing someone.

Elena enters the Mystic Grill and there Caroline apologizes for her behavior earlier. Elena says it's fine and that she was being a friend in her own way. She goes over to Stefan where he says they have to start taking Katherine seriously. Elena says she isn't scared of Katherine but Stefan tells her she should be and that Katherine has threatened everyone. Elena refuses to let Katherine take over their relationship but Stefan admits that she already has. Elena leaves while Damon and Caroline have just heard the whole conversation.
Katherine meets Damon outside of the Grill and asks why he is so pouty. He tells Katherine that he tried to kill a werewolf and failed. She tells him that they are dangerous and hard to kill, she then tells him not to be a hero. Damon comments, "Been there, done that. At least this time it will be worth it."

Elena goes to her room and Stefan appears. They hug and agree that it was hard to "break-up" with one another. Elena says Caroline hung on every word they said and that she might be working for Katherine. Stefan isn't surprised and says it is "pure Katherine". Elena then comments that they are going through a lot just she could have him. Stefan says it can't be that, but because "Katherine doesn't care about anyone but herself. She never has. She's incapable of love."

We then go to Katherine who flashes back to 1864 where George Lockwood tells her that her carriage is ready. She tells him that she will kill him if she finds out that he told that she escaped before she hands him the moonstone. She looks back at Damon and Stefan who were shot earlier from trying to save her. Katherine runs over to Stefan and strokes his cheek. She tells him that she loves him and they will be together soon. She kisses him. Katherine then goes back to the present and brushes her lips, smiling.

What did you guys think of this episode? Was Elena and Stefan convincing in their "break-up"? Will Tyler kill someone to become a werewolf? What will Katherine do next?

P.S. Does anyone know where Jeremy was?

Preview of next week's episode, "Kill or Be Killed":

Peace and Fangs,

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