Thursday, August 12, 2010

True Blood--Season 3, Episode 8: "Night on the Sun"

This episode is my new favorite for this season of True Blood! Everything happened, even if I didn't want it too...kinda.

Let's start out with the beginning where we go back to Sookie and Bill in the hospital. After Lafayette forces Alcide (HOT!) and everyone else to get out of the room so they can talk, Sookie tells Bill that she has been waiting ever since they met for something to get better. Her water tears and his blood tears made me cry tears because of their exchanges of "I love you"s and breaking it off right there. For the first time in my life, I didn't want to hear Jace Everett sing "Bad Things".

We move on to Bill telling Jessica that he can't live with her anymore. Jessica pleas for him not to and to stay with her. Bill begins to teach her how to fight off werewolves. (Obviously something's coming!)

When it comes to the other characters: Tara goes back to having freak-outs, all of them centered around the recently deceased Franklin. (I knew she had some feelings towards him!) Arlene has a dream about Rene because she is pregnant with his baby. Jason sees Crystal who shows up to his door with a black eye. She tells him, she was beaten by her family. He goes to her place where he is about to comfront her family but runs into someone eating some type of animal, he gets out of there  freaked out. Sophie-Ann moves into Russell's mansion. Talbot is bored and starts to break things. Eric says he will entertain Talbot, after playing games and...stripping for Talbot. He kills Talbot in a sense of revenge towards Russell for killing off his family. He tells Hadley to go tell Sookie that Russell and the werewolves are coming for her. Alcide returns to Mississippi because Debbie burned down his sister's salon.
While all this is going on, one of the most important relationships, to me, in this season has blossomed again! Lafayette and Jesús, I'm so happy for you! See, Lafayette's mother escaped the institution and went to Lafayette's. Jesús comes looking for her and meanwhile, rekindles his romance with Lafayette. Again, I was squeeling with glee as they got back together.

Debbie goes to Sookie's house while Russell and the werewolves go to Bill and Jessica's. Jessica and Bill fight off the werewolves before Russell senses Talbot dead and Eric saves Bill and Jessica. Sookie fights with Debbie. Bill and Jessica protect  Sookie and Bill and Sookie celebrate by having make-up sex.

Awesome episode, but totally messed up!

Peace and Fangs,

Next week's episode:

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