Sunday, August 29, 2010

'I Love Your Blog' Award Icon Deisgn Contest **UPDATE**

Here's a quick update for all of you that want to join the contest! I have one entry so far for the contest and it looks GAW-geous!

All entries have to be turned in by the timer up above, The Clockwork Angel timer. Once that strikes 0, all entries must be submitted. I will constantly have that beautiful banner up until the release of Clockwork Angel. I will then look at all the entries and post them up in a blog post for you all to see. Then you, the readers, will vote on the best and I will make the final decision.

For the winner, I need your address to send the copy to you. It will be a new copy from Amazon, it might be a couple days late because of shipping.

That's all for now but keep checking the timer for your deadline! Apparently, right now, you have about a day and 20 hours. Make the best of them and get your entry in by the 31st! (I do accept early entries!)

Peace and Fangs,

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