Sunday, August 29, 2010

True Blood--Season 3, Episode 10: "I Smell A Rat"

Ep. 34: I Smell a Rat - Recap

Sookie's a faery! Finally! I knew it all along but I was waiting for them to finally reveal it. It wasn't actually what I was eexpecting though. Like in Twilight when Edward confirms that he is a vampire and Stefan and Damon reveal they are vampires to Elena, it was a big production. This one was so nonchalant. "Sookie, you're a faery." "I'm a faery." "Pretty much." "That's cool." "By the way, faeries kill people." "Whaaat?" That was pretty much it and then they moved on. I was expecting more from you, Bill. You finally find out what Sookie is and it's no big deal. Whatever.

Lafayette and Jesus race to the hospital but knowing that Crystal's father would die, Lafayette goes to his house and gives him V so he is able to heal. His wounds clear up and he is concious again but is furious that Lafayette gave him "vamper juice". While he stalks off, Crystal tries to talk to him but he quickly disowns her saying that she should have stuck with marrying Felton and sticking with her kind.

Sam sits at home thinking about the past...when he was a jewelry thief with his lover, Charlene. She double crosses him though with her boyfriend, Jon. He tracks the couple down who cheated him and kills them both in cold blood. He is holding a bottle of whiskey when he comes upon their makeshift graves.

Eric is getting his will revised with Pauline watching with great concern. He says that Russell will murder him because of Talbot's death. Pauline walks away when Yvetta signs the will because she's a witness.

While Tara finally tells Sookie what Franklin did to her, Bill instructs Jason on how to protect Sookie from werewolves. Tara thanks Jason for being a good friend and after they kiss, Jason is overcome with guilt and spills that he killed Eggs. Tara is so shocked, she just walks out.

Arlene comes clean to Terry that the baby is not his. Instead of getting angry, he embraces her and tells her that he will treat thatt baby as his own and give it as much love as he possibly can. Nevertheless, Arlene goes up to Holly the Wiccan waitress and asks her how she can end her pregnancy.

Hoyt finally heard my constant screaming and told Jessica that he loves her for who she is. He even broke up with Summer to be with her. She waits too long to respond and Hoyt storms out. Tommy chases after him and gets in his face. Hoyt punches him and keeps on walking. Tommy phases into a pitbull and attacks Hoyt. Jessica hears his screams and runs out to save him, she throws the dog and tells Hoyt she loves him too and to drink her blood.

Bill wakes up to find that Sookie is not with Jason. Bill yells at Jason that he wasn't doing his job, Jason is fed up with letting people down and revokes Bill's invitation. Once he shuts the door on Bill, he hears a sound in his bedroom. He goes to investigate and sees a black panther in his room that shifts into Crystal.

Eric joins Sookie in his office at Fangtasia. She yells at him for locking her in the door and that she's no prisoner. He says she is and takes her to the basement to be strapped to chains.

Tonight's episode:

Ep. 35: Fresh Blood - Preview

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