Friday, April 9, 2010

Vampire Diaries, Episode 1.17: "Let The Right One In"

Sorry, for not posting all this week or mostly posting about the first new episodes of Vampire Diaries since March 25th. I know, shame on me! Completely shameful, but I have been watching and I'm getting back in the game of blogging again so me and you as my readers can make since of this show right now.

Okay, so the set-up for this week's episode was mostly over that the awaken vampires are reaking havoc amongst the town and they have also captured Elena's beloved Stefan.
The beginning of the episode was pretty, um, shocking. Okay, I admit for last week's episode I was a little too busy watching New Moon again for the last few minutes, so I didn't know Jeremey was being stupid and asking Anna to turn him. Stupid! I did know Fedrick wanted revenge for Beth Anne's death against Stefan and Damon. I was surprised that Pearl knew about his revenge seeking and just told him what was at steak, no pun intended...okay, a little bit. So, that leaves us off wondering if he'll go through with it.
So, we go on with the show and as everyone has basically started boarding up their houses and locking windows (like that'll do anything), Stefan decides then to go out and run to get some energy back. As he's running, he's taken by Fedrick and his crew...what a coincidence.
When Damon and Elena learn Stefan might be in trouble, Damon goes down and tries to save him but Fedrick compelled sweet little old Ms. Gibbons to not invite Damon in. He decides to go to Alaric who doesn't truly know if he wants to save a vampire when he always kills them. It is better than Elena going and he soon agrees to go with Damon after Damon says "hell to the no" when Elena chirps up about her wanting to save her man.
We than see Stefan being tortured by Fedrick and his crew and see that Harper, my new favorite, doesn't agree with torturing him. Fedrick soon ties him up in response as well. I thought I wouldn't like Harper at first, but he's growing on me and he might even be allies with Stefan and Damon to save his butt and because he's a good guy!
Next, we finally get to see the break in happen when Alaric goes up to the front porch and tells Fedrick his car has broken down a few miles up and needed to use the phone. One of Fedrick's followers decides to show him in the kitchen, but once in the kitchen, he stabs him with a steak and turns on the sink as well as the food processor to talk with Ms. Gibbons. He opens the kitchen door and tells her to let his friend in, she declines because of the compulsion and Damon has her step outside. He asks her if there is anyone else besides her that lives in the house or in her family and she says no and he cricks her neck in response. He lets himself in and soon they go all badass and fight off most of the vampires and go find Stefan. While they fight crime, Elena decides that this is taking to long and that she should go look herself without any vampire protection. Okay...good? She goes into what looks like an old basement to find Stefan and Harper tied up. She unties them when Damon walks in and tells them to go while he distracts the rest of the vampires.
After Damon kills the rest of the vampires, Fedrick gets away and starts to beat up Stefan, not truly realizing the only real way to get to Stefan is to hurt Elena. Fedrick gives enough blows to Stefan to knock him out before Elena stabs Fedrick in the back with a steak. He drops and she tries waking Stefan which he doesn't resurface any time soon. Finally, he does and Elena makes him drink from her to help him out, he relents but soon decides to drink. Fedrick isn't dead and goes after Stefan but Stefan vamps out and stabs him repeatedly with a steak. Elena tries to stop him but he pushes her away and finally after she keeps trying to stop him, he devamps and stops.
Back at the Mystic Grill, Jeremey and Anna talk about turning him and he pleads his case by saying that he doesn't feel like he fits in and he thinks being a vampire will help him break that. She says he hasn't fit the criteria yet of being turned because vampires turn you when: they want revenge, are bored, do dirty work, or they are completely in love with them. Jeremey says he likes her but she retaliates by saying it is because she's a vampire but he says he geniunely likes her. When Pearl comes to pick her up, she notices Jeremey but is distracted once Mayor Lockwood and Tyler show up. Mayor flirts with Pearl and ask if they can "hang" for a few. As they do so, Jeremey and Anna text back and forth as Pearl notices, she soon finds out that Jeremey is a Gilbert and takes Anna into the bathroom where she tells ehr she can not see him because he might find out what they are. Anna tells her he already knows and he likes her anyways. Pearl smacks Anna and as they leave the bathroom, Anna texs Jeremey that she will change him.
Earlier in the episode, Caroline discovers body when her care truly breaks down and tries to look for service. She soon arrives at Matt's house with the sheriff. They all soon find out that Vicki's body has been discovered and she is dead. Jeremey and Tyler soon find out and go to Matt's house as well. Matt sits in Vicki's room and tells Caroline he wants to be alone before Elena walks in and he embraces her before breaking down. Caroline is upset by this and is left standing in there like a sad puppy. Poor Caroline.
Once Elena and Jeremey return home, she asks him if he is okay. He quickly says he's fine and decides to go to bed. Once in his room, he starts tearnig up his research on vampires before landing on a newspaper where front page is over Vicki. Anna soon appears to turn him but see that Jeremey is upset. He tells her that they found Vicki's dead body and that she was always dead. She quickly sees that he only wanted her to change him so he could be with Vicki. When Jeremey tries to apologize, Anna has already disappeared.
At the end of the episode, we see Damon walking through the living room and seeing pouches of blood. He follows where they lead to and sees Stefan drinking from a puch shamefully. Some one forgot their morals!

For this episode I have a few questions:
Why is Jeremey still pawning over Vicki?
Will Jeremey reconcile with Anna?
What will happen with Stefan and his awakened thirst?
Will Damon ever become intimate with Elena?
And, where the hell is Bonnie?!


  1. this is a great review!!

  2. I don't watch VD, but have heard good things about would probably be a new obsession if I took the time to watch it.

    Trixie and I LOVE black fingernail polish, that's what drew us over here. :) We also share your love for vampires, Twilight, and reading. Look forward to reading more of your blog!



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