Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nominees For Next 'I Love Your Blog' Awards!

I have complied together three blogs that I am looking at for Feburary's winner of 'I Love Your Blog' Award. The past winners were the lovely ladies over at TWITARDED and my awesome friend, Nejjie, over at Run Away With Fate. The current winner for January is TwiCrack Addicts Lorabell and TCA. But, I need you guys to help me out in who is the next winner. I have three blogs for the running: TwiGossip, Indy Twilighter, and Peace. Love. TWILIGHT!. I am a HUGE TwiHard so of course I would have mostly Twilight blogs, sorry if you aren't. You don't have to like Twilight to chose a blog, they can be based off of news updates, design/layout of blog, and/or the all out blog in general. I am affiliates with Indy Twilighter and TwiGossip  but I need to see who will be February's winner! Whoever is the winner, I have decided to start doing a Q&A with them, so I'll ask questions on their blog and so on. You can look at their banners and click on their links to see their blogs and then vote for them! I'll close the poll on February 5th and chose the winner on the most votes and then by February 10th I'll have their Q&A!
Get voting!

Again, this is strictly for who will be the winner for February, I assure you that all three will be the winner some time, this is just some friendly competition between blogs, I would never turn all of them against one another. I will see who wins this little "competition" then they will be the winnner of February then the next runner up will be for March and third place will go to April. **NO HATING WHEN THIS IS BEING DONE PLEASE** I chose these three sites because they are my absolute favorites and I will have them all win at one point anyways. Thank you to all the blogs before hand for being so kind! May the best blog win!

***UPDATE***: Anna has helped me out in telling me that the poll that was on her wasn't working, please use the one on the sidebar from now on! Sorry for the inconvience and thanks again Anna!


  1. I love all these blogs- TwiGossip is actually a community blog. I post to that page occasionally- so its nice getting a lot of people to post things they find important. Its a good mishmosh. Peace. Love. Twilight is awesome and so is Indy Twilighter! =) I love those blogs but I think TwiGossip doesn't get the attention it deserves because its more of a community based page and there are alot of people putting their love into the blog all the time. And this award will really show the appreciation to the other bloggers =)

  2. Wow- I just found your blog today because you subscribed to me on YouTube and discovered this award nomination!

    This means a lot to me, thanks! :)


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