Review Policy

We ARE currently accepting requests for reviews!

Please read the policy before filling out the form below. If there are concerns on the book and/or author, please email Alisha at blacknailedreviews [at] gmail [dot] com.
Review Policy
We accept already released titles, ARCs, and E-books. For E-books, we accept Kindle, Adobe Digital Editions, and .pdf (Adobe). We do NOT accept self-published works of any kind as of right now. We don't have a preference on hard copies or E-books, but if it is a physical copy, we are not responsible for lost or damaged items.
Not all requests are taken, we decide on the ones that interest us and that fit into the realm of our usual reviews. When we choose a book, it does not mean our review on it is guarantee.
When we receive the book, we choose a time when it's best for us to read the book. For already released titles, we do not specify a date. For ARCs, the review will be posted at least a week before the intended release date.
What usually goes into a review:
*Synopsis and image of the book
*Review of the plot, main characters, cover, and overall rating
*Posted on Goodreads and Twitter
Once we post a review, it stays up. The review is not able to be altered in any way unless there is a mistake with the synopsis or source link. A review will never be taken down.
Rating System
Our system is based out of four black nail polishes. Four is the best and one is the worse. The only time it is a zero is if we can not finish the book and that automatically makes the book unable to be reviewed on the site.
If you would like an interview, guest post, giveaway, and/or contest to be featured with the review, please email Alisha at blacknailedreviews [at] gmail [dot] com.
Genres We Like
-Urban Fantasy
-Young Adult (Character ages: Teens)
-Adult (Character ages: 18+)
-Historical Fiction
**We do prefer to have these genres mixed with romance**
If you have a different genre of book, please contact us for the possibility of us reading it.
Thank you for your consideration! You can fill out the request form here.
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