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#2 Firegirl by Tony Abbott

Title: Firegirl
Author: Tony Abbott
Series: N/A
Format: Paperback
Release Date: June 6, 2006
Genre(s): YA, Realistic Fiction


"...there is..." Mrs. Tracy was saying quietly, "there is something we need to know about Jessica..."

From this moment on, life is never quite the same for Tom and his seventh-grade classmates. They learn that Jessica has been in a fire and was badly burned, and will be attending St. Catherine's while getting medical treatments. Despite her horrifying appearance and the fear she evokes in him and most of the class, Tom slowly develops a tentative friendship with Jessica that changes his life.


Plot: Basically it's about this young boy who's perfectly normal for his age. Goes to school, has a crush on the prettiest girl, has a best friend, etc. Then one day this new girl comes into school and shakes everything up because of one detail: she was in a fire. It was to the point where she just barely made it so the burns are pretty bad. No one wants to look at her, much less talk to her. It's really sad actually! After a while he starts to have this small, awkward, almost-friendship with her and that's really all it progresses to. She ends up having to leave and that's that.

Character(s): Tom- He's a pretty simple boy who acts just like any other. The only thing I can say that stands out about him is that he is very defensive of the girl. His best friend starts bad-mouthing her (which I couldn't stand) and he tells him to shut up. In fact they pretty much stop being friends because this guy's such a jerk to the poor girl. 

Cover: I liked the cover so much more after I realized what it was. A little ways into the book they have this prayer circle in the beginning of class and everyone has to hold hands. See, her hands are burned so the boy on the other side of her refuses to hold her hand. But the main character does, even though it's a little scary to him. That's what the cover is and when I realized that I went "oh my gosh, this cover is so great!"

Closing Thoughts: I feel like a bad person giving this book a two. The thing is I LOVED the plot. It was so cute and I really liked the idea. It's just that I felt things weren't very developed. I wasn't very attached to the characters and right before anything really happens she leaves and the book ends. I was a little bored by it (hence it taking so long) and it just... I don't know didn't really do it for me. But I think it's a cute story to read and the book isn't very big at all! So it's worth reading if you just want a quick story. 
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