Sunday, March 16, 2014

Back From The Dead!

Hellooooo everyone!

I am so sorry it has been what... 7 months! That is incredibly long. Alisha and I have been off at college doing old people stuff and have just been so busy. But I'm decided to start a new project and start posting again on here. (If people even still follow I wouldn't blame you for losing hope in us...)
Anyways, where my dad lives there is this wonderful library that is full of awesome books. So I've made a kind of silly goal for myself. I'm going through the entire YA section and reading them. From A-Z by author's name. Honestly, there's not as much as you might think here so it's not like a lifelong goal. I obviously can't read the book if the first one's not there or something so I may have to miss some, but that's the general idea is to read them all! So after I read a book I'll post my review on here to show that I've officially read another book! I have no idea how many there are so I'll just have to keep track on my own. I already finished the first today so I'll post that review shortly.

No matter how stressful life may get or life may seem, just remember one thing: there's always time to read! I stopped reading for a really long time (hence the absence on here) and it actually wasn't good for me at all. Reading was my stress reliever and part of what made me, me! So don't skip out on the reading. Try and fit some in between classes, before bed, waiting to be picked up, before homework, between homework, after homework, while you eat... you get the idea. It's nice to just detach your mind for a while and just relax.

Sweet Daydreams,

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