Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review: Bright Purple: Color Me Confused by Melody Carlson

Title: Bright Purple: Color Me Confused
Author: Melody Carlson
Series: True Colors #10
Format: Paperback
Release Date: August 22, 2006
Genre(s): YA, Realistic Fiction, Christian Fiction



Jessica LeCroix drops a bomb on her best friend, Ramie: “I’m a lesbian.” Ramie Grant cannot believe her ears. Jess!? Her best friend, her teammate…a homosexual?

Before long other girls on the basketball team find out, and little jokes become vicious attacks. In the end, Ramie must decide if she will stand by Jessica’s side or turn her back on a friend in need.

The tenth book in the teen fiction series True Colors, Bright Purple examines the subjects of sexuality, identity, and forgiveness. Includes discussion questions.

Plot: Jessica and Ramie have been best friends since they were little girls. But then Jess admits to Ramie one day that she's lesbian. Ramie turns her back on her best friend and decides she can't handle having a best friend who is lesbian. Through the course of the story she learns what it means to be a real friend and how to stick up for the ones you love.
Character: Ramie- Honestly, Ramie is the reason I'm giving this book such a low rating. Once her best friend (I mean literally the best friend in her life) turns out to be lesbian, she just drops her. No questions asked, no support whatsoever. She avoids her and belittles her and turns on her  best friend. I guess in the end she gets a little better but I just don't get her. How could you completely abandon someone you were so close to?
Cover: It's the same basic cover as the others in this series, matching the color in it's title.
Closing Thoughts: Maybe I'm being harsh on these books, but honestly I think they could be so much better! They talk about such serious topics but usually end up letting me down. This one especially. I hated the main character and found myself being annoyed through the whole thing. 
Where to find Melody Carlson:
Sweet Daydreams,

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