Friday, September 21, 2012

Beautiful Creatures: Official Trailer

Happy Friday everyone! So I have discovered that there is now an official trailer for Beautiful Creatures (one of my favorite books EVER) so what do you guys think?

Honestly? I am so dissapointed.
Yes. I am very disappointed in this movie. It looks actually really good... with the exception of Ethan. I am completely fine with everyone else. (Did you see Link?? He's perfect!) But Ethan looks so old! And then it just makes Lena look way too old. I just imagined them both really young and innocent. I actually imagines Logan Lerman when I read these for Ethan.
Perfect right? Someone average but cute at the same time. He's young enough but not too young. Ugh, this just depressed me.

I don't like Ridley either... I'm sorry, but Emmy Rossum reminds me of the sweet girl in Phantom of the Opera, not a sexy siren.

But honestly, I'm going to see this movie the second it comes out. I'll probably yell at the screen every five seconds but I love these books so much, how could I miss it?

Based on the trailer, it looks as though the whole... theme of the movie is right. It's a bit dark but not too dark. I totally forgot that they all had the accents so that's pretty cool. Overall, I'm excited and I needed to tell someone (So that would be you guys) but I know they're probably going to mess it up big time. But then again, what movie doesn't ruin the books?

Sweet Daydreams,

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