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Review: Etched in Bone (The Maker's Song #4) by Adrian Phoenix

Title: Etched in Bone
Author: Adrian Phoenix
Series: The Maker's Song
          1. A Rush of Wings
          2. In the Blood
          3. Beneath the Skin
          4. Etched in Bone
          5. On Midnight Wings (releases 3/28)
Format: Paperback (382 pages)
Release Date: Feb. 22, 2011
Genre(s): Urban Fantasy, Romance, Adult




More beautiful and powerful than any creature the world has ever seen, Dante Baptiste has become the supreme target of the three worlds that spawned him. The mortal agents of the Shadow Branch have tried to control his mind through psychological torture. The vampire elders who guide nightkind society have plotted to use him in their bloodthirsty bid for power. And the Fallen have waited for millennia for Dante to claim his birthright as their Maker. But Dante belongs to no one—except the woman he loves. . . .


Determined to face the Fallen and the world on his own terms, Dante hopes to piece together his shattered past and claim his future, with FBI agent Heather Wallace at his side. But in Heather’s human family awaits an unexpected enemy. One who could rip Heather from Dante’s heart and fill the holes with bullets. One who could force Dante to choose his darkest destiny—as the Great Destroyer. . . .


Plot: I had just finished this book and needed to get out all of my thoughts before I lost them. Again, Adrian Phoenix has done an amazing job in this series! The more books I read in this series the more I'm left wanting more. In Etched in Bone, we are taken to New Orleans where Dante, Heather, and the gang have finally made it back to Club Hell. This plot is different from Adrian's other books in the series. It starts off in present time, but then we are taken back to days between where we left off in Beneath the Skin and where we started. We get to see what happened in Gehenna and the romance between Dante and Heather blossom even more. Etched in Bone does continue Dante's journey to discover what he is and why everyone wants a piece of him. The book does seem to take an unwanted turn when Dante starts to believe he can even cause Heather harm and that he might be at the end of his rope. The book is chockful of romance and suspense throughout in true Adrian form, plus a twist you don't see coming.

Heather - Heather does seem more stubborn to be at Dante's side, whether or not he feels differently. I did notice in here that Dante is starting to grow on her when she uses Cajun in her speech and quotes him here and there. I loved how we got to see not only how Dante and her communicate through their bond but also the consequences of having a bond as they do. She's starting to see that even though he doesn't want to, Dante could potentially hurt her.

Dante - All the things I could say about Dante! He seems to be slipping even further into his past which not only Heather but everyone else tries to push away from him. Dante does, as always, show that he is always himself. He protects the ones he loves and tries at everything to make sure they will live even if he's the one putting them in danger. He's still trying to figure out what to do and how he can still go on after everything from Beneath the Skin.

Cover: I love the books covers and they seem to be getting more towards the characters, including Dante! The wig, I have to say that I cringe over, but I am glad they are starting to make the models look more like the characters.

Overall Rating: I gave this book a four out of four because it hit all the points it needed to but still left us with cliff-hangers and questions to keep us hungry for more. It has just the right amount of action and suspense as well as just enough romance to show us that there's more than one plot line. Adrian Phoenix has done an incredible job with this series and I can not wait for the release of On Midnight Wings!

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