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Dear Bully: Steven E. Wedel *Interview/Giveaway*

With the release of Dear Bully on September 5th, we are celebrating it's release and message here at BNR. From Sept. 4th to Sept. 14th, we will be having authors that contributed to DB on the blog.

Today on the blog is Steven E. Wedel, author of "After Obsession" and the Werewolf Saga:

Born and raised an Okie, Wedel typically sets his stories somewhere in Oklahoma's diverse landscape. He began writing in high school in the early 1980s and never stopped. He currently lives in central Oklahoma with his wife and four children. Besides writing, he earns his living as a high school English teacher.
Interview with Steven:
About Steven:

Why did you choose to go into writing?

I've always been a quiet, kind of shy person who preferred the company of books to most people. In sixth grade my teacher suggested I enter an essay contest. I wrote a short story instead, but that made me realize how much fun it was to write. Then in high school another teacher sort of fanned the flame and I've been writing since then.

What turned you on to writing about werewolves?

I like the werewolf as metaphor for the wild side we all have buried somewhere within us. For some it's deeper than others, but I think it's there in everyone. I thought I'd see what happened when a shy young woman was able to tap into her inner beast. And now it just keeps growing. This summer I finished the next book in the saga and hope to see it released in 2012.

Is there any paranormal creatures you would like to touch on in the future?

Yes. I've had an idea for a vampire story since the 1980s and I think it's about time to put that on paper. My vampire won't sparkle, though. He'll be the old fashioned scary kind. I'm getting old. I want to play with the idea of immortality.

Other than the amazing Carrie Jones, is there any other authors you would like to co-write with?

That's an interesting question. I really don't know. The chemistry Carrie and I have when writing is something I never would have predicted. I can't imagine it being so good and so easy with anyone else. I have a lot of writer friends I respect and admire and would be willing to try collaborations with them, I guess, but I would be worried about trying to catch lightning twice.

What is one thing you have learned from becoming an author?

That writing can be great therapy. Anything bothering me in my "real" life can be worked out in writing.

About DB:

Why did you decide to get involved with Dear Bully?

It was an odd coincidence. Carrie contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in contributing something. She happened to do that just after some fantastic students at the school where I teach created Stand for the Silent, an anti-bullying campaign they put together in memory of Ty Smalley, a young boy who killed himself after being horribly bullied at school. Stand for the Silent had me remembering my days of being a scrawny, shy kid who got picked on a lot, then Carrie's e-mail came, so I decided to put those memories on paper.

Other than bullying victims, who should read this book?

Parents, teachers, counselors, ministers ... anyone who is in a position to help kids at risk of being bullied. I think anyone can read it and be touched, but those in contact with kids can definitely use it as a resource to help encourage those being bullied.

How has your experiences made you stronger?

When I have a bad day at work now, or the car breaks down, or whatever, I can look back to being clubbed on the head or dragged out of the school bathroom in my underwear and realize I got through that, so I can deal with this, too.

How should someone reach out for help or support?

Go to an adult you trust. I'm a teacher. I know teachers. You may think your teachers don't like you, but I promise you we are there because we care about you. We don't get paid very much money. We come to school every day because we want to be with you and help you. So go to your teacher and tell him or her what's going on.

Give advice about bullying in three words.

Tell someone NOW!

Where you can find Steven:

Giveaway item: US copy of After Obsession by Carrie Jones and Steven E. Wedel

Type: International

Requirements: 13 years or older

How to enter: Leave a comment on this post with your name, way to contact, and what country you live in.
The giveaway ends on Sunday, Sept. 18, 11:59 PM EST!

Thank you to Steven for hanging out here with us today! You can order Dear Bully over at Amazon and check out the website here.

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