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Review: Monte Carlo (2011)

Synopsis: Three young women vacationing in Paris find themselves whisked away to Monte Carlo after one of the girls is mistaken for a British heiress. Source

Plot: [This movie was based loosely on the book, Headhunters, by Jules Bass.] The movie follows the soon-to-be graduate high school senior, Grace Bennett, who has always dreamt of going to Paris, the city of love. A waitress in a small town in Texas, her best friend, Emma, another waitress at the restaurant, tags along for the joyride. During Grace's graduation, her step-sister, Meg, interrupts the ceremony and takes her place near her father (Grace's step-father). A day after her graduation, Meg is whisked away to Paris alongside Grace and Emma, who are not too happy to bring the spoilsport with them. After several bad lucks and distraught feelings, Grace then is mistakenly taken for Cordelia Winthrop Scott, a British heiress. By unlikely circumstances, the trio is then taken to Monte Carlo where Grace then impersonates Cordelia at the behest of Emma, telling her (in a nut shell) that this is once in a lifetime opportunity. Love is in the air as their travels ensue. In a tale of romance, passion, and lies, Monte Carlo is the city of dreams.

Grace/Cordelia Winthrop Scott (Selena Gomez): You know, for my first Selena Gomez film, I was actually impressed. She did fantastic at doing both roles, and her facial expressions would both give off and keep inside her emotions. She is both serious and funny with her antics, and even if people might say her fake British accent was... well.. fake, I thought it was great! Selena did fantastic, and honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing another movie from her (And I used to not like her for dating Taylor Lautner! Ack!)
Emma (Katie Cassidy): She was straight up girl-power! She told it like she meant it, and even as the (mostly) self-centered best friend, she was a joy to watch. Some might recognize her in the movies: Click, Nightmare on Elm Street (2010), or Taken. Either way, I did like Katie Cassidy in the movie, and you see a lot of character development inside. She learns to not take things for granted.
Meg (Leighton Meester): Ah. Our dear (The) Roomate. As creepy as she may have been in that movie, Leighton did great for this film. She was the tied down girl, who never took chances. She kept to herself, and through all the pain, she could still end up with a smile. When she finally got a man, she changed a lot. In the film, her character showed the possibilities of taking chances.
Riley (Luke Bracey): HOTTIE WITH A BODY NUMERO ONE! When I say that, I mean it. This guy was awesome. Playing as an Australian tourist within the movie, he romances Meg after Emma's failed attempt. He was a cutie, and he did have some depth to him rather than being eye-candy for the lady viewers. He did wonderfully, and he showed loyalty within the characters as well. He was a bit of a comic relief at some points (I actually laughed at him during a serious part.. oops...) I haven't seen him in any movies before, so let's cross our fingers to see him again!
Theo Marchand (Pierre Boulanger): HOTTIE WITH A BODY NUMBERO TWO! Playing in his American-film debut, Pierre was fantastic. His (real) French accent was amazing when he actually played a French teenage boy. He was a bit cynical at the beginning of the movie, but he began to grow on me. He was very cute, cheesy, and sweet. Amazing job, Pierre! Keep making films for America!

Poster: I like the poster. It has the trio, and the background contains Monte Carlo. Although the poster is great enough, it would have been cooler/better if it contained more of the characters from the rest of the film.

Overall: I give this movie 4/4 polishes. I don't care if you like Selena Gomez or not, GO SEE THIS MOVIE! I'm not a huge Selena Gomez fan, but this movie was fantastic! Some parts were really cheesy and predictable, but I think all movies are like that. It was filled with great love stories, and in the end, everyone was happy.
 Check out the trailer below!
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  1. I wanted to see this movie because I am a Selena Gomez fan. I love Wizards of Waverly place and think she's a cute lil lady. And so far I'm impressed that she hasn't fallen into the other disney girl star scandals. Hopefully she can keep on that path. Movie sounds good.


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