Friday, June 10, 2011

Dear Bully (Author's Speak Out On Bullying)

Seventy authors speak out on their personal struggles through bullying.

Authors featured are:
Carrie Jones
Megan Kelley Hall
Ellen Hopkins

Lauren Oliver
Carrie Ryan
Lisa McMann
Alyson Noel...and more!

You can pre-order the book over at Amazon. (A portion of the proceeds go towards Stomp Out Bullying.) Find out the origin of the book at the YA Authors Against Bullying Facebook page.

I have to say that this brings tears to my eyes. I was bullied as a kid and even a few of my teen years, I was bullied. Whether it was about my accent, my lisp, my race, my culture, anything, one after the other someone would find something to tease me about. I remember it got bad one day when I was in the seventh grade and there was this one girl who would not stop. My dad sat me down and said something I would never forget, he said, "Alisha, not everyone will like you, but there will always be people who love you." After he said that, I gained enough strength to hold back the tears and not let names get to me, no matter how crude they were.

However, I know that there are still people out there who are struggling to find their way and we need to help them and show them we love them!

Cathy at The Crazy Bookworm is doing something amazing and giving bloggers and everyone else the chance to share their stories. You can submit a story here. You can remain anonymous or put your name. I'm going to participate and I hope you guys do too. This is a campaign very close to my heart and I hope this spreads so everyone can hear.

Please tweet, Facebook, blog, or however you want about this campaign and book!

Peace and Fangs,

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  1. wow, thanks for drawing my attention to this. I'm sorry you had to go through that when you were younger and I hope that now your older you have nice, good people around you. It is very true what your dad said!


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