Saturday, May 28, 2011

What FanFic Trailer Would You Like To See?

This summer, BNR has a lot planned for you guys! We are having an amazing scavenger hunt (more details on the way), a blogger challenge week, and a FanFic trailer where we will make a trailer of your guys' most desired book trailer. Below is a poll of all your choices! You can choose as many as you want. The poll will close on June 15th!

What book/book series would you like to see a trailer for?
Mortal Instruments series
Vampire Kisses series
Vampire Academy series
Hush, Hush series
House of Night series
The Immortals series
Darkest Powers series
Blood Coven series
Blue Blood series
Need series
Wings series
Fallen series
Jekel Loves Hyde
The Book Thief
Sisters Red
The Replacement
Firelight series
Vladmir Todd series
The Wolves of Mercy series free polls

1 comment:

  1. I voted for Vampire Academy and Mortal Instruments series. Couldn't decide between the two. I am following your site!


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