Saturday, April 2, 2011

Summit Optioned Rights For Immortals/Riley Bloom Series

Summit has snatched up another pararomance book series. Alyson Noel has announced on her official blog that "Summit Entertainment has optioned the dramatic rights for all 10 books in both The Immortals & The Riley Bloom series."

I have been reading the series and I have been liking them so far. I have only read the first three, but am getting to the rest very soon. I am really excited to see this on the big screen, but a lot of readers and fans seem to compare the books with Twilight. The absence of adults, secluded new girl, mysterious new guy, and so on. I have noticed the similarities as well and while it seems pretty similar, I'd still see these movies. But, I do think that because of those similarities and with Twilight coming to an end, Summit needs a new edge and since Mortal Instruments are coming out soon, they need to move quickly.

Tell me what you think of these news and who you think should play what!

Peace and Fangs,

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