Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review: Prom (2011)

Synopsis: Intersecting stories unfold as high-school seniors prepare for their prom. Source

Plot: Disney has pleased me with this movie. I wasn't expecting real teenage drama in the movie. I loved that it wasn't all happy go-lucky the whole time, even though Disney did give us it's sort of predictable "everything goes wrong and then it turns out spectacular" plot line. However, the actors were entertaining and had small quirks to keep you smiling through the whole thing. The plot line was a little corny at some points, where you knew this had to be a PG movie, but they did have to play it safe because of that. I liked the fresh faces for most of the cast and can't wait to see more of them.

Actors: Aimee Teegarden (Nova Prescott)-I loved her. She did play the all-around good girl, but she was a strong presence. She grew throughout the movie and played with the right emotions. I haven't seen her in anything else, so I can't compare her to past works. However, she is in Scream 4 from what I hear, so check her out. I do think she's got great potential though and she gives a great performance in here.
Thomas McDonell (Jesse Richter)-He was good about being the rebel. I did like him because it wasn't the obvious bad boy. He had reasons and a background for his behavior. He didn't play coy with his feelings for Nova and that was a nice progression to see throughout the film. Again, I haven't seen much of him either, but he is another actor to watch out for.

Poster: The poster reminds me of a 80s teenage film. It is so beautiful and puts most of the key points of the film into the poster. Your eyes see the feet, but you forget about the little pictures and don't see what some characters are wearing to prom and so on. One of the best posters I've seen this year.

Overall Rating: I give this movie a three out of four. It was a great film and a new development from Disney. I'll suggest anyone who wants a good summer film or cheesy romance to go see this. It was corny and predictable in a few areas, but was very enjoyable.
Peace and Fangs,

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