Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stieg Larsson Wrote a Fourth Novel to the Millenium Series?

The Millennium series was supposed to be five books, but were cut short by Larsson's death in 2004. Family and friends have come forwarded saying that there is a partially complete fourth book by Larsson. Larsson has said that the fourth novels highlight's Lisbeth's Salander's twin sister, Camilla.

Eva Gabrielsson, Larsson's long-time partner, has said that she has the fourth manuscript and can finish it if she has the permission of Larsson's family. They don't seem to be as willing to though.

I will be looking over the news of this and see what will be happening, but for now, all we can look forward to is the American version of "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo".

More updates to come!

Peace and Fangs,


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