Monday, August 2, 2010

True Blood: Season 3, Episode 7--"Hitting the Ground"

This week's episode....Blew. My. Mind. For weeks, I have been left with questions and I will admit...I was on the verge of stop watching. Stay with me! It gets better. This week has set me back in motion on why I watch this show. Suspense...and love (sort of). Let's get down to the episode!

So, last week, we were stuck with the scene of Sookie finding Bill in the shed where Lorena camped out to watch him die slowly. (Disgusting!) This week we are brought back to the shed where Lorena is drinking from Sookie. Bill builds up the strength to wrap a silver chain around Lorena's neck and make her fall to the fall with him on the bottom of her. He tells Sookie to stake Lorena, Sookie hesistates for a minute where Lorena proclaims her "love" for Bill. Sookie stakes her before Tara and Alcide make their way to the shed.

They tell Sookie they have to leave because the wolves would be coming soon. Tara and Sookie roll Bill up in a carpet vampire burrito before Alcide's ex, Debbie, walks in. They argue with one another and she pulls a gun on all three of them. Alcide takes the gun from her and once Coot, Debbie's current boyfriend, tries to pick a fight, Alcide shoots him dead. Tara and Sookie take Bill out of the shed and towards the truck Alcide was driving. Alcide locks Debbie inside the shed and goes to help Sookie and Tara. Sookie stays in the back with Bill while Tara and Alcide go to the front. While Tara and Alcide out run the werewolves, Sookie tries to help Bill wake up by giving her blood to him. He drinks some of her blood but becomes too excited and starts to bite and drink from her in her arms and on her neck.

Tara and Alcide check the back and see Sookie is passed out with multiple bites. Tara throws Bill out like a good friend and leave him in the sunlight to get to the hospital. While the hospital try to give Sookie a blood transfusion, her body rejects it. Tara calls Jason to tell him that Sookie is in the hospital. (Quick catch-up with Jason: He talks to Hoyt about being depressed about Crystal, Hoty suggests Jason go talk to the meth addict that's in lock up. Jason goes down and the meth addict happens to be Crytal's cousin. They both come to an agreement that the meth addict will tell Jason whatever he wants about Crystal if he gets him-surprise! surprise!-meth. Jason agrees and tries to get some from Lafayette who declines to give him some and who is with him when Tara calls.) Lafayette and Jason get to the hospital and they find out that Sookie doesn't have a blood type. The three of them sit around while Alcide tries to talk to the nurse and remember old times and give Sookie encouragment.

While Sookie is out, she dreams of a place that looks like heaven. (Sadly, the orange hue and everyone dressed in white almost blinded me.) She explores the place with a random chick and drink water that's the best thing she ever tasted. (I'm totally lost by this whole thing by the way, so if you're confused by reading this, it was worse trying to figure it out by watching it.) Some how Bill shows up at the hospital still intact and angers Tara. The three of them fall asleep though and leave Bill to watch it. Sookie's dream takes a negative turn when darkness roams over the heavenly world. All the people escape in the water and the weird chick tells Sookie to get in the water but Sookie refuses. When they are all awake, Bill tells Jason he can save Sookie if he gives her his blood. Even though Tara argues to not let him do it, Jsaon complies. Bill puts the IV directly into his vein. Sookie then wakes up to Bill where for a slight second it seems peaceful and then Sookie screams a bloodcurdling scream, which had me pretty scared myself, I wasn't expecting that.

During this, Sam goes to the dog fight his family is at and turns into a bull dog to get where the cages are. The men, obviously, take him into the cages. He turns back quickly and takes out one of the men. Tommy starts his fight with a pit bull but is quickly cut short when Sam tricks the alarm and lets the dogs run wild. He finds Joe Lee and Melinda over Tommy's side. Sam scares off the pit bull and goes to Tommy's side. He tells Joe Lee to give Tommy his clothes (Joe Lee seems to always end up in his underwear). Sam gives Tommy the choice to either stay with him to give him a normal and stable life or stay with Joe Lee and Melinda and continue the dog fights. Tommy goes with Sam and leaves their parents there.

Sophie, the Queen of Mississippi, is locked in a silver cage and is interrogated by Eric about why she's so interested in Sookie. She doesn't tell. Eric turns to one of her feeders who tells him (which they don't say out loud) and is turned by Eric. They go to Fangtasia along with Russell where Pam is being tortured. Eric tells him to stop. Russell ties the man up and tells him to marry him and Sophie (which confused me because I thought he had a lover back in Lousiana which he does and I'm still confused...). The man does but Russell is still not satisfied. He decaptates the man leaving the women shocked.

Tell me what you thought of this week's episode. What do you think about Sookie screaming at Bill? Do you think Tommy will stay with Sam or go back with his parents? Did Eric ever have any feelings for Sookie? What do you think Sophie's feeder told Eric?

P.S. Am I the only one that thought this week's Post-Mortem was a little bit disturbing?

Check out next week's episode, Night on the Sun:

Peace and Fangs,

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