Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Top Five Summer Urban Fantasy Reads For 2010

As an avid reader and a lover to the urban fantasy genre. I will share my top 5 books series that the rest of you U.F. fans would love to read as well. Some days, you just want to soak up some Vitamin D with a good book in your hands. Well, here are some good books for you all to read as you get your tan on and sip banana strawberry smoothies. (Sorry, I'm ccraving one of those right now.)

5. Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong
Darkest Powers is a young adult urban fantasy trilogy. It's set in the same universe as my Otherworld series, but with entirely new characters. The first book, The Summoning, came out in 2008 and the second, The Awakening in May 2009. There's a separate website for the trilogy, which you'll find at (Chloe is the narrator). You'll find some general information here, but a lot more there (more information, contests, bonus material, blog etc) For readers of my Otherworld series, I've answered some questions below. Visit Kelley's website here.

4. A Maker's Song series by Adrian Phoenix
This series is a dark adult series. The series centers around Heather Wallace, an FBI agent, and her experiences with the dark, handsome and torture soul, Dante. The series is very well written and contains a very great blooming romance between Heather and Dante. I recommend EVERYBODY read this series for a different spin on dark angels, vampires, and so forth. Visit Adrian Phoenix's site here.
3. Vampire Kisses series by Ellen Schreiber
Vampire Kisses is a series of books written by Ellen Schreiber which consist of Vampire Kisses, Vampire Kisses II: Kissing Coffins, Vampire Kisses III: Vampireville, Vampire Kisses IV: Dance With A Vampire, Vampire Kisses V: Coffin Club, Vampire Kisses VI: Royal Blood and the new installment in the series, "Vampire Kisses VII: Love Bites", which came out May 18, 2010. The series itself revolves around the relationship of a goth girl named Raven Madison and her vampire boyfriend Alexander Sterling and the conflicts they must overcome to stay together. Visit Ellen's site here.

2. Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead

Vampire Academy is a best selling series of six young-adult paranormal romance novels by American author Richelle Mead. It tells the story of Rosemarie (Rose) Hathaway, a seventeen year old Dhampir girl, who is training to be a body guard for her Moroi best friend, Vasilisa (Lissa) Dragomir. In the process of learning how to defeat Strigoi (the undead and evil vampires) in St. Vladimir's Academy, Rose finds herself caught in a forbidden romance with her handsome instructor, Dimitri Belikov, while having an unbreakable bond with Lissa. Visit Richelle's site here.
1. The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare
Once Clary Fray runs into Shawdowhunters that stalk the night to hunt down demons and vampires and other creatures thaat go bump in the night. One Shadowhunter, Jace Wayland, is Clary's love interest but when other people try to keep them apart and ruin all their worlds, they have to do everything in their power to keep things right. Visit Cassandra's site here!

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