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Eclipse Movie Review **SPOILERS** (Don't Read If You Want to Save Your Eclipse Virgin Eyes)

After a long week of getting ready and getting over Eclipse, I am finally happy to give my review and my experience. Unlike most TwiHards, this was my FIRST midnight showing. I know! Shame on me, but New Moon was during the school year and so was Twilight, and by my experience with getting done with the movie at 2am, I'm glad I didn't. However, I loved going to the midnight premiere of Eclipse, I just wish I would have known how to get ready for it.
We went around nine o' clock and I was personally thinking that it was the perfect time. Not too late, not too early. Little did I forget that people thought the same thing and came earlier, so there was already a line forming. Luckily, we went in, there was a group of girls and two moms ahead of us. The moms introduced themselves and complimented my Jacob T-shirt and said they were Team Jacob, so they were already on my good side. One of my friends mentioned she was Team Edward though and the girls freaked out, so we know where they stand. Around ten, they let us into the theaters because the line was already out of the theater, in the ticket booths, and starting to go outside. So, me and my friends had two hours to kill before hand.
Two hours passed and finally the previews started. Little did I know that one: the previews were long and continuous, and two: would freak me out. Yes, I'm talking to you, Paranormal Activity 2! You shouldn't be having girls scream out loud like that and then having the Team Jacob moms, the Team Edward daughters, and your friends laughing at you. Not...funny! Once the movie did start, no one screamed! Like litterally, no one screamed! I wanted to yell at them and tell them to get EXCITED! Hello, we've been waiting months for this and now that it is here...NOTHING!
The movie was good! Eclipse is my favorite book of the series, literally, so I knew I would love it no matter what! I will do kinda what the lovely Trixie and Tess did over at their site and tell my top five favorite moments in Eclipse, along with my top five least favorite moments.

5. I loved the small characters. Jessica, Mike, Angela, and guys were awesome! You guys are always funny and truly need to have had more time in the Saga, I believe you guys could have shown more of the normal laugh Bell could have. (Like when she was supposed to come over to Angela's to do invites. Thanks for cutting that out...sort of, Summit!)
4. I want Charlie to be my dad. Billy Burke did an amazing job playing Charlie like always. I was a little bummed when in Eclipse, Bella didn't say "Be careful!" And, Charlie says, "Always am." Like in Twilight and New Moon, I think that would have been cute to be their little thing to one another throughout the saga. But, Charlie, I love ya and I am partially Team Charlie! I do fear the 'stache!
3. Jasper and Rosalie's stories. I loved them. I do like Rosalie in here a WHOLE lot more. I can see her point to why she wouldn't want to be a vampire. She wants to grow with Emmett but they always stay the same and she can't have the family and lifestyle she always wished for. I gaped when I saw what was happening to Rosalie. I saw just enough to know what happened but still be stunned. I loved Jasper's story because he had a happy ending. He met the girl of his dreams. Jasper went through all this stuff, heart-broken and scarred and then Alice walked into his life. However, I do wish they would have shown when he met Alice in the diner than to have them just say it. It was still cute and I "aww"ed with the whole audience when they were fighting and loving each other up.
2. Every single fight scene. I am talking about the newborn vs. the Cullens and the fights between Edward and Jacob. The Cullens were AH-mazing! Loved the flip over the wolf, Alice. Props to you! And, I know I'm Team Jacob but Edward was very cute after Bella punched Jake after he kissed her and Edward grabbed Jake's throat and was like "If you ever, touch her against her will again..." I don't know why but when Jake said something and then Edward was like "Well, let me give you a clue..." that was
1. The ENGAGMENT! Who else could not love the genuine feelings between Bella and Edward? Rob did a great job with that scene and the whole bed scene before. I loved when Bella said yes because the whole audience, including me, applauded. Yes, we were that happy!

Here's the top moments and things I did not like:

5. The fast pace of the movie. Most of the scenes that were important in the book were ru through very fast, like the graduation and the party. It went way to fast and you really couldn't get into why they chose to do what they said they were going to.
4. The scene where Jake rescues Bella from Alice and ride off to La Push. Honestly, that was my favorite scene in the whole book. I like how she runs to Jake and gets on the bike and as they ride by Alice, they can see how furious she was. I really did want to see that and they took that out to along with a lot of other perfect scenes that could have fit into the movie if they got rid of some unnesscary scenes.
3. Victoria. Bryce Dallas Howard could not bring the cynical and vengeful power that Rachelle brought. One: the wig bothered the crap out of me, and two: she didn't exute the personality of a vengeful vampire. It seemed like she was trying to be evil but was sadly failing. Bryce should stick to sweet parts and not one as vicious as Victoria was supposed to be.
2. The Volturi. I have been reading the Bree Tanner book and I still don't understand why the Voulturi let the newborn army run wild. They let exceptions go for when a coven is introuble but when the coven wants to save a newborn because she didn't know what she was doing, they kill her instantly? I didn't like that and I gaped when Felix killed Bree.
1. The end and the epilogue. Those were completely cut out. That pissed me off because I wanted to see Edward and Bella sitting in the living room talking and then Charlie walks in and Bella makes the comment to Edward about Charlie's gun. Then Charlie walks in and all you hear Bella say is "Dad, we have something to tell you." And then it cuts to Jake seeing the wedding invite EDWARD sent him and then he runs off into the woods as a wolf. I was very disappointed.

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