Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Twilight Character Careers

This morning I got up and felt like a smoothie to start off my day, seeing as how my day started off at 5:00 in the morning and it is the SUMMER, I needed something to get me going. I met a friend up a downtown smoothie shop and as we drank our smoothies, we talked about an assortment of stuff: love, drama, MTV Movie Awards, and...of course, Twilight!

Kelsey: "Hey, did you ever think about what Bella would be doing if she went to college?"
Me: "Um, not really."
K: "She seems like an artistic type."
Me: *confused face* "What do you mean?"
K: "Like, she could be a writer or an artist. I don't know! I was just thinking out loud."

So, that is what I'll do for my post today. That is a good thought to think about, what would the Twilight characters be doing if they had careers? Well, I have picked out a couple of them and put down what I thought they might be:
I pick Bella as a writer. She's always deep and thought and can create very elaborate situations along with what will happen. She can shield her thoughts which is great if you're trying to keep a story idea under wraps.
Of course Edward would be a musician. It's in his blood. Plus, he has nusician fingers and those golden eyes can dazzle anyone (even the boys) to become a fan of classical music. I can hear the fans now "We love Edward Cullen!" Pictures of his face plastered everywhere and posters....or wait a minute, never mind. He already has fans who do that!
Alice will obviously be a fashion or interior designer. Her incredible sense of style and ability (well, it's more force) to have people wear the things she puts together can make her a HUGE star. And, apparently, she can draw like crazy (in the Twilight movie). So, she can create her own clothes and make a fashion line or design rooms for the starrs! Her line could be called "Ask Alice" (that reminds me, she can have a part time job as a psychic :] ).
I couldn't think of an exact career for Rosalie but I did come up with one that I think we can ALL agree on! High fashion super model! Perfect, right? I think Rosalie would do a fantastic job as a model, I mean she does have the top too three things you need to be a model: face, figure, age.
I picked Jasper as in ALL around trainer. Weights, defensive, karate, etc. He was a warrior and was in the army so I'm guessing he's alright to help people tone up. Hopefully, he'll modernize his ways but still, he would be a great trainer!
(maybe I shouldn't have used that picture...)
But, anyways, Jacob would be a car mechanic. (And, a schmexy one at that!) He can fix cars quickly and for money now! Plus, I can be smiling when I bring my car in the shop now! :) It all works out!

So, there's their careers. I couldn't think of one for EVERYONE which I'm sad about because I think we all want to see what our favorite Twilight characters would be doing in the business world. I would be sooo happy in this ^^ world though! A new song by Edward playing on the radio as Jacob's fixing my car and I'm reading a book by Bella while I'm wearing an outfit Alice deisgned that Rosalie modeled. I just need someone to make my banana strawberry smoothies and then that world sounds PERFECT!!!!

Peace and Fangs,

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